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Monday, November 26, 2012

Marie Antoinette

Hello fine people of the blog world.  

Today, has been interesting. To say the least.  And if you are reading this it is only because Zachary is finally asleep and I have inhaled my Taco Bell and am completely satisfied with life. 

things were a little different just about an hour ago.   We started off okay enough this morning, but that was apparently the calm before the storm.   This house was crazy today ya'll!!!!  

Zachary has shown me how Bi-polar a Gemini toddler can really be and he has done it in a glorious fashion.  I have been questioning where the sanity is in getting pregnant with a second. 

At one point I became all Marie Antoinette today and stopped caring...  I gave him whatever he wanted.   With reckless abandon.   
Instead of writing out every painstaking moment, I will just post some pictures to show you how my day has gone with a toddler who has a huge molar ripping through his bloody gums.
                              Don't Judge me!!!  He's being quiet.
                              I think he has the sucker in the right spot.
                               The drool!!!  OMG!!!  THE DROOL!!!
    Sure, yep, pull my hair, who needs it! Doesn't hurt at all. LIES!
                                                   Life is horrible.
    I have a belly button... And a drool stain on my pants that looks like pee.
                                    And life is horrible once more.
                                                    Eh, I guess it isn't so bad.

And there you have it.   And I am aware that his crying picture is a duplicate... Mid picture taking I wondered when does taking pictures of your child screaming begin to look like child abuse.  So you blog world, only get the one.   

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