Ducky Diaries: November 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Marie Antoinette

Hello fine people of the blog world.  

Today, has been interesting. To say the least.  And if you are reading this it is only because Zachary is finally asleep and I have inhaled my Taco Bell and am completely satisfied with life. 

things were a little different just about an hour ago.   We started off okay enough this morning, but that was apparently the calm before the storm.   This house was crazy today ya'll!!!!  

Zachary has shown me how Bi-polar a Gemini toddler can really be and he has done it in a glorious fashion.  I have been questioning where the sanity is in getting pregnant with a second. 

At one point I became all Marie Antoinette today and stopped caring...  I gave him whatever he wanted.   With reckless abandon.   
Instead of writing out every painstaking moment, I will just post some pictures to show you how my day has gone with a toddler who has a huge molar ripping through his bloody gums.
                              Don't Judge me!!!  He's being quiet.
                              I think he has the sucker in the right spot.
                               The drool!!!  OMG!!!  THE DROOL!!!
    Sure, yep, pull my hair, who needs it! Doesn't hurt at all. LIES!
                                                   Life is horrible.
    I have a belly button... And a drool stain on my pants that looks like pee.
                                    And life is horrible once more.
                                                    Eh, I guess it isn't so bad.

And there you have it.   And I am aware that his crying picture is a duplicate... Mid picture taking I wondered when does taking pictures of your child screaming begin to look like child abuse.  So you blog world, only get the one.   

Friday, November 23, 2012



                               It's that kind of day. Yes.  I don't know why, but it just feels right.  

I hope everyone had a wonderfully stuffed Thanksgiving!  We drove the hour to see our G-ma and have Turkey Day meal with her church.  It was lovely, and I did not have to cook and or clean, and,  I brought a plate home.  In my book that is a score for this girl!  

Otherwise, life has been chaotic yet normal here.  We now have 5 therapists and an E.I. coordinator rotating through our doors as well as an out of home physical therapist we see once a week.  Zachary is doing wonderfully.   He has mastered clapping, jumping off the couch, pointing to himself as well as other objects when he wants something and he said "more"  twice a couple of days ago.   We are pleased.    He has also begun the dreaded temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way and I am most certainly not pleased with that.   But what can you do?   LOL  

Wine is out of the question for at least another 5.5 months, so I pray, out loud, a lot these days... As in "Lord, please surround my son with the blood of Christ because so help me Lord, he's about to be hurt."  

Well, not really hurt, but I am so over it.   I'm sure mothers of toddlers understand.  

The Jackson household has put up our Christmas tree and some various decorations already and I am feeling festive!!!    For a tree that gets kept in a box roughly 300 days a year, it looks pretty fancy if I do say so myself.  

You can see a wee bit of it here, you can also see big brother Zachary looking adorably handsome as ever, and my wee baby belly growing in size.  :)   We are now 2 days shy of 15 weeks and feeling pretty good.  Not much movement to be sure of.  Little bumps here and there, but it could be gas...   However wee baby is laying/sitting/ doing something that is causing some odd sensations in my bum.  LOL 

We also got our first hair cut!!!  I think he looks exceptionally handsome!  As well, we also got a 'practice' sibling. I'm not entirely sure how it's going.  He seems generally cool with this little stuffing/plastic version of a baby, and at the same time, completely indifferent.  Yet, the dolls hand apparently makes one heck of a teething ring for his big boy molars that are breaking through. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh how I've missed thee.

Oh my BLOG!

I've missed you. My precious outlet from my own brain!

It's been awhile! I normally wouldn't take such an extended hiatus from writing, but, we've had some craziness here the last few weeks. 

I was planning on posting Friday, however, went to my Dr. appointment and they decided to try the Fetal heart Doppler on me at 12 weeks and some change..... And guess what, NO HEARTBEAT. So I was scheduled for an ultrasound for yesterday for viability. 

And all that is just depressing, who wants to write about that?  And basically all I've done the last four days is eat ya'll.  I couldn't sit still, sleep, think, so all the food in my house became my best friend.  Kiwi, Watermelon, Chicken flavored Ramen noodles (how I loathe/love thee), chips and salsa-SURE WHY NOT!, popcorn, omg, seriously you name it, I probably ate it over the weekend. 

I dare my Dr. to say I'm fat!!!  DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!!!

Anyhoozers, on to a happy note.  Baby is fine, looking great!  Heartbeat of 157 last night (oh did I mention my ultrasound was at 7:30 p.m.?  WHO THE EFF DOES THAT?) ,  wiggly, kicking, hiccupping, sucking of the thumb, massive cuteness that now looks like an actual baby!!!  OMG NOM ON THE BABY CHEEKS ME WANTS TO! 

And we are officially about to send out Zacharys big brother cards!  But these below are not those, just pictures of wee baby in my belly.   Soak up the cuteness!!!!

Oh- And... I'm learning to crochet!!!!  I am actually feeling quite proud of myself, so don't tell me the hats are ugly... They took days, seriously days to make!!! 

 And then, there's this little boy, the star of the show.  Big Brother Zachary himself...   I love this kid. And yes, apparently I am the kind of mother that's like "Yea, that's great, just sit for this picture with that crochet hook stuck in the hat and don't eat it or poke your eye out with it."   No shame in my game.   

But speaking of big brother, I must go make him wake up because we have one heck of a busy day today.   In just a few hours, my house will be filled with coordinators, therapists, and E.I. workers for Zacharys I.F.S.P.  and goal writing and all that jazz.   Fun times!