Ducky Diaries: Halloweenies

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!   

I hope everyone has enjoyed this years festivities!    

Ours have been wet and cold.  Not an entirely pleasant combination.  We decided not to take Zachary 'trick or treating' this year, but we did pass out candy.  And he did get to 'trick or treat' at Physical Therapy.    

Had I thought about it, I would have taken pictures of his getting candy, but, I didn't have my camera and even if I would have I'm not sure I would have posted the pictures of him walking with a huge blue metal gait trainer, otherwise known as a walking device.   Knowing my luck some A-hole would probably steal the picture and turn my son into an inappropriate 'e-card' and I'd have to harm someone.   

                           Here is a picture of said Gait trainer that my son uses.   We are thinking about purchasing one for home, they're only ONE THOUSAND dollars... Only....   

This is not my son....  Just an adorable little boy in the advertisement of this walker.   

Anyhoo- He was dressed in his adorable little dinosaur costume, that looked like a giant green frog....    

So just picture this,  in a Gait Trainer, grabbing candy and tossing it into his bag.   

   It was completely ADORABLE!!  I CRIED, PEOPLE, LITERALLY CRIED!  It was so AWESOME to see him walking, even though it was with the use of an assist device, it was still so cool.   I will say he disappointed me though...  He grabbed Gobstoppers and Whoppers and Lemon Tootsie Rolls!  Come on son, Momma wanted KIT KATS!!!!    We must FEED this pregnant belly!  

And speaking of pregnant belly.  We are right on the verge of 12 weeks!  HOLY WOWZA! It's flying by this time...    I am finally getting some energy.  Some, not much.  My poor husband... That's all I will say.    

And with this one last thing, I will end this shenanigan and see you in November.  

I'm pretty sure that since my body no longer has a period, my nose has decided to have one.   Holy pregnancy nose bleeds batman!!!!    I've been going between spotting to full on bleeding for the last two days.  I'm sitting here holding a lite flow Tampon and a regular flow Tampon.  I'm not sure which one to shove up my nostril.  

Oi Vey!    

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