Ducky Diaries: Back in the saddle.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Back in the saddle.

So after our glorious 10 day hiatus, we have returned, and by we, I of course am talking about the Jackson Clan!    Just so everyone knows I have not gone absolutely bat shit crazy and begun referencing myself in plural form.   LOL  

Things are about the same ole same ole' here.

My closets are still a mess, yea, I just can't find the time.... And my laziness, just seems honestly, way better than organizing.       It is fall however and we are smack dab right back in the middle of genetic testing and ongoing physical therapy for Zachary.  And he is the same off the charts adorable little boy.  We will hopefully be switching from in office physical therapy to in home physical therapy relatively soon.  This one change will make an absolutely astounding difference in our scheduling ability, and my ever rising stress level. Especially in a house-hold with one vehicle.

So here's what's new or awesome in the Jackson home.

Zacharys ever present cuteness... 

Our sexy new flannel bed-set.

And general wrangling of a crazy toddler during diaper changes.
*No daddys were hurt during the making of this change*

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