Ducky Diaries: Things we say as moms, that we never thought we'd say....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Things we say as moms, that we never thought we'd say....

Hello Blog world extraordinaire!!!!  

Today will be my last blog for September, so I decided to make it about something comical.... And scary...

I will see you in October, but until then.....

- "Why would you do that?! 
- "Don't bite the babysitter!"
see also, 
- "Don't bite mom"  "Don't bite dad" "Don't bite your sister, brother, cousin, family" "Don't bite the dog, or the cat"  "Don't bite the couch" "Why are you biting the couch????!!!!"

-"Don't poke your eye!"  
-"Get your finger out of your nose!"
-"Get your fingers out of your ears!"
-"Stop gritting your teeth!!!!!!!!"
- "Don't eat that!!!  Please don't eat that!!!  For the love of God, don' *dammit* I said don't eat that....  "

(An obvious disclaimer, mommas, as funny as this sentence can be, please do no hesitate to call poison control and or 911 if your child ingests something dangerous. )

- " Don't grab your winky, or your lady bits" 
-"Get your hand out of your diaper!!!" 
- "DON'T !!!! NO!!!!!!!!!  OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!   *dammit!*  "   (Obviously, I'm talking about poop exploring here)
-" Do I have poop on me anywhere?"   (usually, you will, and you won't find it until out in public.)
-" Get down!!!   Get down now!!!  "
-"How did you get up there?!"
"It's too quiet....  Somethings wrong...  Where's the baby??!!"

   (This is usually followed with finding little one somewhere doing a big No-No and is usually followed by saying at least one if not most of the above statements...)

Things  we say as moms out in public, that we thought we'd never say......

-"Don't pick that up, that's ca-ca!!!"
-"Put it down!"
-"Don't eat that!!!  Please don't eat that!!!  For the love of God, don' *dammit* I said don't eat that....  "

And there we have it...  A not entirely exhaustive list, but, definitely an exhausting list....      

I will see you in October!!!   :)  


Faye said...

Haha! My personal favorite is "Please leave your eye in, all day today." (My 4 year old son has a prosthetic eye... stupid cancer...)

Candace said...

Awww!!!! That is an awesome one! A new one, but awesome! I bet it's funny to see others reactions when they don't realize it's a prosthetic! LOL

Faye how old was your son when they caught it and had to do the surgery, if you don't mind my asking? For about a month, we had to live through the "what if" of Retinoblastoma. It was so scary. Zachary had a "white crescent" in the bottom of his pupil, and his eye was showing up white in pictures... It was scary. we had to see an Opthalmologist and everything. he was cleared but we go back October 5th for his follow up appointment to make sure we're really all in the clear.

Faye said...

Candace, JP is adopted. When we were in the process, we knew he had an "opacity of the right eye"... So he was 3 when we brought him home and his right eye was basically a giant tumor. There was nothing to do but remove it and hope the cancer hadn't spread. We were home, in the US, just one week when his eye was enucleated. People ask me what it was like, how I felt, etc. Honestly, I don't really remember. You go into the "this CAN'T be happening!" overdrive and everything seems surreal. But we all made it through. JP is healthy now... that's what is important. I hope everything works our with Zachary!

Candace said...

I can certainly understand that.... And wow! Yea, hearing that your child "might" have his eye removed was such a tough one to digest... But we just prayed and decided if it was what needed to be done, it would be done. We're hoping for an "all clear" this next visit... But we're just starting our genetic testing and blood work back up.. If it's not one test/appointment, it's another. LOL

Candace said...

P.s. I love the Pope in his Soccer gear!! Such a handsome fellow. :) He melts my heart.