Ducky Diaries: Sprucing up like a Boss.....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sprucing up like a Boss.....

Hello blog world!!!!   : D

You may have noticed the new and improved page layout, I hope you like it.  And if you didn't notice, this either must be your first time here.....  Or you don't love me.  You know what.... Let's just go with the whole "this must be your first time here" thought.

So anyways-  What did you do today, everyone?
                               Oh, really, that's fricken awesome!!!

Know what I did?  Let me tell you!

I ate half of a 7 oz. block of sharp cheddar.   And a bag of Flaming hot Cheetos.   Like a BIG bag.
Am I ashamed of that fact?  Yes, now that I have admitted it...  I am very ashamed.    I'll probably pay for it later....  As in, you know, not being able to poo....  But in my defense, it was really, really, great cheese!

I know you probably do not care so on to better things.....

               Today Zachary attempted to give me grey hair, really he did!
Yea, this is no big deal... Just going to attempt walking...
As you can see my hand is ready for the inevitable fall onto his well
padded bottom!

Sup' ladies!?!? 

Nap time, cool, let's get FACE DEEP in some blankets ya'll!
"Oi Vey!!!!"
Says this momma.

Yep, that's about been my day....   Exciting stuff huh?!  Not really, I know.... But you know what is exciting stuff?!!!

My friends Blog!!!  It's AWESOME!  She is hilarious and her adventures although extremely comical are real my friends.   So, take your little mouse and click here ----->   Mad Mom Diaries  

Her blog is also featured in my favorite blogs section  way up thar yonder in the side section.  Subscribe to her and get a peek into her world!    :)


Gomer Pile said...

My lil nephew is doing great! get any steps in? Hey I wana start a do I do it?

Candace said...

Hey girl! He's doing good. And maybe 1 or 2 very wobbly ones... He goes forward too fast and then loses his balance. But it's a start and he's working hard! I about shit myself yesterday, he CLAPPED! his own little chubby hands!

And I can give you a few pointers...

This website actually offers free blogs. Just gotta set one up and start writing.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the love, Candace! And look at Z go!! That boy makes me smile! Love ya both! xoxo

Candace said...

Thanks Jen! He is amazing! I can't wait for the day he is running wild and causing mischief.. I know we will get there one day. In the mean time, he's still my ornery stinker.

And I love the blog!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks lady!! I'm working on getting some more content up - hope you like the new stuff!