Ducky Diaries: Little smiles make big hearts!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little smiles make big hearts!

Hello Blog world!!!

I realize I have been writing posts, back to back lately, but, I will be super busy with Zacharys and my appointments starting next week.    So I'm sorta I guess, trying to make sure I have my usual 5-6 blog posts in for the month.

We have so much coming up that my head is spinning!   Not to mention the big adjustment we're dealing with  after some big news, but as I said before, not a topic for this time.   :)

Zachary has his first dentist appointment, a well baby check up, a geneticist appointment for more blood work (his microarray), and an opthalmology appointment for his eye balls...  Add in his weekly physical therapy, and his E.I. coordinator coming out for her regular home visit and an in- home physical therapist coming to meet Zachary, and..........................     All of my appointments coming up.   Woooooo - SAH! WOOOOOOOOOO- F#CKING - SAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am indeed sitting indian style on this floor rubbing my ears and chanting "woosah" at this point.  So much to do, so little energy to do it...

But anyways,
Zachary has started doing this adorable thing whenever a camera is on him!  As soon as I say the word "cheese" he gives me the most adorable face!   At first, Tom thought I was being ridiculous, until, I showed him the 30 FLIPPING PICTURES of the same adorable "cheese" grin.....     I will spare you the 30 pictures and offer the most adorable ones, about 6 of them I think?   It's way too difficult to choose between your childs absolutely adorable face and your childs absolutely adorable face....... ya know what I'm saying???  Of course you do...

Okay, so I lied.... There's 7 ....lie.... 8 REALLY CUTE PICTURES!  GAH!  I can't stop..... Can't stop myself.. Must post all ZEEEEEEE PICTUREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A rare adorable picture of the two of us.  

I braid his hair... Don't judge me.  

Sorry about the boobez, but, look at the teeeeeefers!
P.s. There's not a whole lot of boobez to look at
so it's okay.  

"Err, cheeses??  Can't see the camera..... MOM!"

Bless his heart, he is a "cheese" trooper.
I love this boy.
so very much.   
And this.....
This is why I braid his hair at home.
I cannot cut it, I am powerless to this mass of crazy hair.
I love it!  


Jennifer Hague said...

Ahhhhh! I love Z cheezez Better than swiss - and I LOVE swiss! I can't believe he's going to the dentist already! Our little boys are growing up so fast...I wish I could get Danny in, but my dentist won't take him til he's two. :(

Gomer Pile said...

OMGoodness!!!!!!! Look at all them teefers! And that smile! What a Jackson. I braid Truth's hair too...

Candace said...

Yea I was surprised they are taking him this early... I didn't think they would take him til 2, but his pedi said he should have gone at 1??? Seems a little early to me..

Candace said...

It keeps it from being crazy! LOL So much hairs!