Ducky Diaries: At home with the Jackson family.

Monday, September 10, 2012

At home with the Jackson family.


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

 Ours has been, unusual to say the least. And full of surprises....  But I digress, because that is not a topic for this time.  Another time, I promise you.     :)

Outside of being busy with work, we've just been lounging, eating good meals, and reading awesome books!

Zachary and I started a little ritual back on August 1st  called "A book a day".  I felt I really wasn't reading to him and sharing my love for books adequately so thus, my pact to read my son at least one book a day.  Now, at times, I regret that decision some days, because some days he wants 3 books a day or the same book 8 times in the same day.   However, I love his enjoyment and excitement when he sees me pull out a book, so it's all worth it.....

The book we're absolutely in LOVE with at the moment is "Alphabite".  It is beyond adorable!  It's the alphabet from A to Z with a different food listed on each page with little rhymes.   If you haven't heard of it, I definitely suggest seeking it out at your local library or book store.

"Alphabite!" is Zachary approved!  
And then there's this....

  This is Lana Del Rey- "This is what makes us girls" video....  I am beyond ADDICTED to this song at the moment guys!!!  FOR SERIOUSNESS!   It's a gorgeous song.  It personally reminds me of high school.  So young but wanting to grow up so fast.

 And then there's this deliciousness.......
                                                              Dinner Time Jackson Style!
Let's  SHUCK! 

Baby Red potatoes

Pork roast.
2.27 lbs.
350 degrees
25-30 minutes per pound. 

Momma Candace's special seasoned broth.
(Minced Garlic, Beef broth, paprika, salt, pepper, 2 cups of water,  2 TBS of brown gravy)
Just add to simmering cut up red potatoes,
and in the bottom of your roast pan.

Add stewed Asparagus or your veggies of choice.
Yummy, yummy in my tummy.... 

And this, this is my cookie jar.
It is the shit.


Gomer Pile said...

I love checking in on your blog!Makes me feel no so far away! And keeps me up to date...I'm sure you heard the news, what do you think?...hhmmm

Jennifer said...

First of all, that cookie jar IS the shit. And I know my shits. Consider me the resident expert on shits and that jar has got it going on! Also, you've got me drooling over your Betty Crocker abilities. Can I hire you to be my personal chef?!

Candace said...

Is this new news or the news we've discussed? Yea, Idk, it's out of my hands. Live and let Love, I suppose. LOL

And I'm glad. :)

Zachary is doing fantastic! He's such a ham!

Candace said...

LOL It is the shit, is it not!??? I love that thing.. However, there are rarely ever cookies in it... It's basically our candy jar.

And definitely woman! Recently it's been a lot of take out, which I am ashamed to admit, but I've been lazy... Due to certain circumstances. ;)