Ducky Diaries: September 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Things we say as moms, that we never thought we'd say....

Hello Blog world extraordinaire!!!!  

Today will be my last blog for September, so I decided to make it about something comical.... And scary...

I will see you in October, but until then.....

- "Why would you do that?! 
- "Don't bite the babysitter!"
see also, 
- "Don't bite mom"  "Don't bite dad" "Don't bite your sister, brother, cousin, family" "Don't bite the dog, or the cat"  "Don't bite the couch" "Why are you biting the couch????!!!!"

-"Don't poke your eye!"  
-"Get your finger out of your nose!"
-"Get your fingers out of your ears!"
-"Stop gritting your teeth!!!!!!!!"
- "Don't eat that!!!  Please don't eat that!!!  For the love of God, don' *dammit* I said don't eat that....  "

(An obvious disclaimer, mommas, as funny as this sentence can be, please do no hesitate to call poison control and or 911 if your child ingests something dangerous. )

- " Don't grab your winky, or your lady bits" 
-"Get your hand out of your diaper!!!" 
- "DON'T !!!! NO!!!!!!!!!  OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!   *dammit!*  "   (Obviously, I'm talking about poop exploring here)
-" Do I have poop on me anywhere?"   (usually, you will, and you won't find it until out in public.)
-" Get down!!!   Get down now!!!  "
-"How did you get up there?!"
"It's too quiet....  Somethings wrong...  Where's the baby??!!"

   (This is usually followed with finding little one somewhere doing a big No-No and is usually followed by saying at least one if not most of the above statements...)

Things  we say as moms out in public, that we thought we'd never say......

-"Don't pick that up, that's ca-ca!!!"
-"Put it down!"
-"Don't eat that!!!  Please don't eat that!!!  For the love of God, don' *dammit* I said don't eat that....  "

And there we have it...  A not entirely exhaustive list, but, definitely an exhausting list....      

I will see you in October!!!   :)  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little smiles make big hearts!

Hello Blog world!!!

I realize I have been writing posts, back to back lately, but, I will be super busy with Zacharys and my appointments starting next week.    So I'm sorta I guess, trying to make sure I have my usual 5-6 blog posts in for the month.

We have so much coming up that my head is spinning!   Not to mention the big adjustment we're dealing with  after some big news, but as I said before, not a topic for this time.   :)

Zachary has his first dentist appointment, a well baby check up, a geneticist appointment for more blood work (his microarray), and an opthalmology appointment for his eye balls...  Add in his weekly physical therapy, and his E.I. coordinator coming out for her regular home visit and an in- home physical therapist coming to meet Zachary, and..........................     All of my appointments coming up.   Woooooo - SAH! WOOOOOOOOOO- F#CKING - SAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am indeed sitting indian style on this floor rubbing my ears and chanting "woosah" at this point.  So much to do, so little energy to do it...

But anyways,
Zachary has started doing this adorable thing whenever a camera is on him!  As soon as I say the word "cheese" he gives me the most adorable face!   At first, Tom thought I was being ridiculous, until, I showed him the 30 FLIPPING PICTURES of the same adorable "cheese" grin.....     I will spare you the 30 pictures and offer the most adorable ones, about 6 of them I think?   It's way too difficult to choose between your childs absolutely adorable face and your childs absolutely adorable face....... ya know what I'm saying???  Of course you do...

Okay, so I lied.... There's 7 ....lie.... 8 REALLY CUTE PICTURES!  GAH!  I can't stop..... Can't stop myself.. Must post all ZEEEEEEE PICTUREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A rare adorable picture of the two of us.  

I braid his hair... Don't judge me.  

Sorry about the boobez, but, look at the teeeeeefers!
P.s. There's not a whole lot of boobez to look at
so it's okay.  

"Err, cheeses??  Can't see the camera..... MOM!"

Bless his heart, he is a "cheese" trooper.
I love this boy.
so very much.   
And this.....
This is why I braid his hair at home.
I cannot cut it, I am powerless to this mass of crazy hair.
I love it!  

Monday, September 10, 2012

At home with the Jackson family.


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

 Ours has been, unusual to say the least. And full of surprises....  But I digress, because that is not a topic for this time.  Another time, I promise you.     :)

Outside of being busy with work, we've just been lounging, eating good meals, and reading awesome books!

Zachary and I started a little ritual back on August 1st  called "A book a day".  I felt I really wasn't reading to him and sharing my love for books adequately so thus, my pact to read my son at least one book a day.  Now, at times, I regret that decision some days, because some days he wants 3 books a day or the same book 8 times in the same day.   However, I love his enjoyment and excitement when he sees me pull out a book, so it's all worth it.....

The book we're absolutely in LOVE with at the moment is "Alphabite".  It is beyond adorable!  It's the alphabet from A to Z with a different food listed on each page with little rhymes.   If you haven't heard of it, I definitely suggest seeking it out at your local library or book store.

"Alphabite!" is Zachary approved!  
And then there's this....

  This is Lana Del Rey- "This is what makes us girls" video....  I am beyond ADDICTED to this song at the moment guys!!!  FOR SERIOUSNESS!   It's a gorgeous song.  It personally reminds me of high school.  So young but wanting to grow up so fast.

 And then there's this deliciousness.......
                                                              Dinner Time Jackson Style!
Let's  SHUCK! 

Baby Red potatoes

Pork roast.
2.27 lbs.
350 degrees
25-30 minutes per pound. 

Momma Candace's special seasoned broth.
(Minced Garlic, Beef broth, paprika, salt, pepper, 2 cups of water,  2 TBS of brown gravy)
Just add to simmering cut up red potatoes,
and in the bottom of your roast pan.

Add stewed Asparagus or your veggies of choice.
Yummy, yummy in my tummy.... 

And this, this is my cookie jar.
It is the shit.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sprucing up like a Boss.....

Hello blog world!!!!   : D

You may have noticed the new and improved page layout, I hope you like it.  And if you didn't notice, this either must be your first time here.....  Or you don't love me.  You know what.... Let's just go with the whole "this must be your first time here" thought.

So anyways-  What did you do today, everyone?
                               Oh, really, that's fricken awesome!!!

Know what I did?  Let me tell you!

I ate half of a 7 oz. block of sharp cheddar.   And a bag of Flaming hot Cheetos.   Like a BIG bag.
Am I ashamed of that fact?  Yes, now that I have admitted it...  I am very ashamed.    I'll probably pay for it later....  As in, you know, not being able to poo....  But in my defense, it was really, really, great cheese!

I know you probably do not care so on to better things.....

               Today Zachary attempted to give me grey hair, really he did!
Yea, this is no big deal... Just going to attempt walking...
As you can see my hand is ready for the inevitable fall onto his well
padded bottom!

Sup' ladies!?!? 

Nap time, cool, let's get FACE DEEP in some blankets ya'll!
"Oi Vey!!!!"
Says this momma.

Yep, that's about been my day....   Exciting stuff huh?!  Not really, I know.... But you know what is exciting stuff?!!!

My friends Blog!!!  It's AWESOME!  She is hilarious and her adventures although extremely comical are real my friends.   So, take your little mouse and click here ----->   Mad Mom Diaries  

Her blog is also featured in my favorite blogs section  way up thar yonder in the side section.  Subscribe to her and get a peek into her world!    :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The days I forget to remember.... My dearest child....

                                                  ~ A Love Letter to my Child~

         The song that inspired this post.  ^^^^^^    <---- click here for music.

 My dearest child,

                  there are days where I forget to remember, but then, I am hit with a moment so deep, so still, so there....    It takes place in the past where we were one.

                   You would think it would be too difficult to remember every moment, but I do.  Even if the memories feel lost at times.  There's a locket I keep in my heart which contains all  the thoughts, the worry, the excitement, the anticipation.  Who are you? Who will you be? When will you get here?  What will you look like?  What if you don't match your name?  What if you have 6 toes?  What color is your hair and your eyes?  Will you love me as much as I love you?

                   It's all there....  In that locket inside my heart.....

 At times, I look at you and I am at a loss for words, so lost for words that I lose a few tears down my cheek.  Who are you? Who will you be?  Did I really have a part in your creation?  How did you become so amazing?

  Because you are, my dear, simply amazing.....   In reality there is no simply, you are, in fact, amazing....


 That fits you better....

 You really do fit that description...


  1. Very unusual or remarkable.
  2. Unusually great.

                  My dearest child,

 I will always know you better than anyone else.  Even when I feel I may lose you, to the world. Even when you do something I don't agree with. Even if you turn out differently than I expected...

Even though you are you and I am me...   We were one before anything else.....

        And that will never change even on the days when we forget to remember........

* this is for my fellow moms....  May we never forget to remember......  *