Ducky Diaries: "The Out of Sync Child"

Monday, August 6, 2012

"The Out of Sync Child"

             So those of you that read my blog frequently probably notice,   I don't normally post this close to a previous posts date, nor do I post so late in the evening.   Please forgive me, but today has just been one of those days....   The type of day where I realize the significance of my sons delays, and his inability at obtaining self mobility.     And one of those days where your child amazes you on so many levels you feel like your heart will explode...    Basically one of those days where I run between emotional break-down and well, emotional break-down.....    

             We had Physical Therapy today and I let Zachary go back alone...  Weirdest feeling EVER!  That was the first time I haven't been in that room cheering him on.   I feel like I've become too much of a distraction though so, I had to cut the umbilical cord and let him grow a little without me.  Sigh.

            Also -  In other BREAKING news....  Finally after 4 months of saying I think Zachary has sensory issues,  and being told "No he doesn't" , his PT (Physical Therapist, for those of you not familiar with the acronym)
            asked me if she could do 'Joint Compression' therapy on him last Monday as well as pointed out that his hamstrings are no longer tight yet he still tip-toes and toe curls (WELL, FLIPPING YEA, DUH!!! I TOLD YOU!  In my best professional tone.....)      Lo and behold!  After joint compressions on his hips, the BABE he has sat!   For minutes, long minutes, opposed to short seconds on his very own little buttocks!

         She asked me more questions about textures, food, yada yada.....   And came to the conclusion that Zachary is our very own little "Sensory Seeker".  

           Yay!    More Bullshit thrown into our disheveled life.  

   Todays session I wasn't in the room but we were sent away with a list of things to purchase and homework to continue to stick our toes in a pan of dried beans...  I thought I was hot shit and would bypass all of that and stuck some grass in Zacharys hand this evening....   That scenario did not play out as planned.   He was NOT a happy camper....  

       Oh and my favorite part of today,  had to go to the D.M.V.  to get my new license with my new last name on it....  With Zachary.....  He was good for the first 30 minutes we were sitting there, but beyond that, I couldn't expect anything else.  However I will say, it is funny as all crap when you are doing the vision part and you have to raise your hand when the blinkie  light comes on and repeat the line of letters....   I had to do it twice, even though my eyesight is 20/15....   Why because one hand was shooshing, comforting, feeding, the baby and the other was trying to keep track of the lights...  I surely was great entertainment for the other waiting recipients.

     Thanks for baring with me, here are some pictures...   On the one picture, there will be a question...

Sensory, SPD, and knowledgeable mommas, your help is needed!

We bought this today, and so far it is great...  However, I need something more infant/toddler oriented...
Zachary still isn't mobile, so this is only a partial help.
p.s.  when I asked the lady at the book store where this was she took me to a section and said
"You'll find what you need to know about Autism here."
I wanted to cry...

A sensory toothbrush...  Yea... Basically a $7.00 fricken stick with lumps on it.
But he likes it.
In fact, threw a fit when I took it before dinner.

No PT reason for this book.
Just running out of books.
This is great!  Zachary loved it as did I.
$6.00 well spent.  

My baby, my hero, my handsome prince. 

My new license picture...
Do I have a lazy eye?
I can't tell....  
It's freaking me out.  

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