Ducky Diaries: O.C.D., Messy, Lived In..... A house or a home?

Friday, August 3, 2012

O.C.D., Messy, Lived In..... A house or a home?

Good Day to you all dear Blog world!

Today I wanted to strike up a conversation about something that has been on my mind for a while....

Our homes.

Now I've noticed that sometimes this is a big heated topic between my real life mom friends.  And an un-spoken topic among my online mom friends.   So my question today is what is your cleaning style?  O.C.D., Messy, or Lived In..  And, what do you prefer?  A house or a home?

Now, I personally am a mixture between lived in and a bit O.C.D.    I also have days, where I just don't give a shit.  Point blank.   I clean deep once a week and keep everything organized throughout that week.  However whatever the house looks like until  I clean again is not always my top priority.   Yes, I like things neat, but I also like to build memories and play with my son.  I would rather remember the reason the ink stain is on my carpet, then be upset about it not coming out.   I want to have fun, have friends over, and relax.

I also want to know why the socks are laying in front of the hamper rather than inside of the hamper.

My best guess is that the socks just didn't feel like being caged in today.  Or my husband is lazy.    Tomato, Tamato....    Eh, I'll deal with it tomorrow.  

So ladies, and gentlemen, what about you?   Where do you stand?   Are you a show-case house, a play house, or somewhere in between?  

  My dare to you is air your dirty laundry in my comments section.   :)  

This is my dining room  table.
Lets be honest here....
Probably won't be eating at it tonight.  

My coffee table, sans coffee,
because that is sitting on the dining room table.
But it is displaying some really nice stacking cups at the moment. 

Toys strewn about.
Probably won't clean that up until tomorrow.  

Or until I step on those little balls about 5 times.

I'll probably get around to cleaning that tray about five minutes before dinner.


Anna Hulfachor said...

I have seen my kitchen table without something on it (not food) in a year. lol And we cleaned my daughters room last night, it has carpet! WHO KNEW?! Toys are a must on my living room floor, just like cookies are a must on the computer table. :)

Candace said...

:) Amen Anna!

I think the bathroom and Zacharys bedroom are probably the only two consistently clean rooms in our house. The living room is our play area and pretty much our everything else area as well. LOL

Our kitchen is pretty busy and there is usually a stain or some sort of sauce on a counter every day. . . No matter how much I wipe it down.

Joanne said...

Oh man..the kitchen table. I try so hard but it always has piles on it.


Candace said...

I hear you Joanne!!!

The kitchen table is the easiest place to set things on here!!!! LOL