Ducky Diaries: Land of Vapor Rub

Friday, August 24, 2012

Land of Vapor Rub

Good day all.

      I hail from the mighty lands of Sick,  where the winds of vapor rub and froggy humidifier are blowing fiercely.    The land where sneezes are plenty, the noses red, saline rivers are flowing, and the tissues nearing extinction.

      If you have received this message, please, send HALP, and chickie noodle soups of a wide variety.

Snuggles and lots of Yo Gabba Gabba and books, can be foreseen in my near future.   A cancellation of Zacharys first hair cut is also on the agenda for today.  Which is okay, I kinda sorta, OKAY I'LL ADMIT IT, really don't want to get his hair cut, because then he'll no longer be a baby.... my baby....  I'll take the snot and snuggles I can get.    Hair cuts can wait...

In other news, Zacharys IFSP ( Individualized Family Service Plan),  is going in front of a panel through his E.I. (Early Intervention) to see if he qualifies for in home P.T. (physical therapy) through a professional.  Which, in my opinion, would be fantastic...  I personally feel he will benefit from extra P.T.  At the moment I think Tom and myself can only do so much and we're at that limit.

Just a little example, now along with his daily ham-string stretches, physical therapy with his physical therapist, mom/dads attempt at physical therapy at home,  joint compressions, hip joint compressions, sitting practice, rolling practice, weight bearing, standing, and attempting to find any way to communicate with the wee babe, sensory homework....... and work, and school and life...... and SHIT!  Makes me tired just typing all that and looking into our daily life from the outside perspective....

But I digress, because we're trucking along and we will keep on trucking....   :)  

However-  I think we can safely assume (fingers crossed, EVERYONE cross your flipping fingers!) we are on our way to having an independent sitter.....  Like, for real this time!  

Hello Camera...  

Toys check, Tissues check, Complete and utter cuteness
Double and triple check!  

Xbox controller-
We are ready to battle the sickies!  

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