Ducky Diaries: Just D.I.Y.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just D.I.Y.

Hello my lovelies!

Today has been relatively uneventful here.   Zachary popped a top left canine through yesterday, so we've had a couple days of just all around FUN with swollen gums and a bit'o'blood!  Yea, about that, hopefully you know I'm being a big fat fibber..... about the fun part. All else is true.

And Tom is away at school, I am bored, and I drank coffee today which was a BAD,BAD,BAD idea....  I am beyond jittery and anxious.... Nervous Nelly must type....  Must expel mental energy...  MUST!


We're going to dye my hair in typical D.I.Y. fashion.    I should be paid for this all out advertising, but, I'm not.   However, I'm still going to blog it.  Because, that's what I do.

       Here we go!

C'Mon Preference!  Make me beautiful!  

It's looking a little more red than advertised on the box....  Hmmmms.....
Oh well...
Let's take a leap of faith.
I look good as a red head.
These are all the thoughts running through my head at FULLLLLLL SPPEEEEED!  

Now we wait.....
30 minutes, I got this...
What to do?
Walk aimlessly around my apartment and take more pictures!

Allll rinsed, showered, deep conditioned (super important when dyeing your hair at home!)
Not as red as I initially thought it would turn out,
but, end result looks pretty cute I think.
A nice little strawberry blonde.  

Our friends Audra and Ben decorated these as wedding gifts for Tom and I and brought them by last night!
Love them! 

And because we need one more odd ball picture on here...
This is my biological (because I grew up in foster care) maternal grandmother.

I don't understand why nobody believes me when I say she is/was the ORIGINAL SNOOKI!
Here's the proof!
Whoa mamajamma!
Okay- and there you have todays blog!   Remember if you are in doubt about D.I.Y. ing your own hair....
                                            Don't.   It could turn out green.   I'm pretty sure.


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Candace said...

:) Thanks!