Ducky Diaries: Just D.I.Y. #2

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just D.I.Y. #2

Hello blog world!!!

          I hope everyone is doing better than I am today!
I am hungover.....  Like really hungover......   The adult beverage Gods must really be trying to teach me a lesson.   And I learned that lesson.   Don't cook eggs for your child when you are hungover.   Tis the lesson I learned....   That and,

                                "HOW ABOUT YOU JUST DON'T DRINK THAT MUCH, IDIOT!"   ...


                          So anyhooooozers,  the other day Tom and myself decided we were going to finally purchase a home entertainment center for our t.v. and or movies, games, game system and controllers.   We had everything just stacked onto a wooden cart with wheels prior to this point.   So off to the store we go...

                       At the end of our search we found one!  That looked pretty gorgeous and within our budget, SCORE!  Not score, the fact it required a ton of assembly and had about 15 wooden pieces, not including the massive bag of screws and whatever else was needed to put this thing together.   No biggie, buying it saved us one hundred dollars....

                     Don't do it!  Just buy the one that's already pre-assembled and pay the extra money!

That dang thing took us approximately 5 hours on and off while entertaining a whiny teething toddler.   Ugh.

Oh hello box with our new stand in it.  Assembly required, we're the wonder twins, we got this shit!  

Hour 1....
Let me just spread all the pieces out here.
Instruction manual, where did you go?
Ah, pictures, I like pictures.  

Beer... Mmmm.
Scissors, open all my screws!
Dirty rug under high chair...
"Maybe we should get a dog."
He'll eat everything Z bear drops.
Where was I? 

LoL   The screw driver is getting hammered!
The hammer is getting screwed!
Okay, must finish the stand......

Almost there!!!  Hour 4!

                                                 And also, the Jacksons went to the Zoo!

I love this picture!  He was so into the jelly fish!   

Mommy and her mini- me!   You are so awesome Z-Bear!!!   

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