Ducky Diaries: How I made croc pot cooking even lazier.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How I made croc pot cooking even lazier.


      You have no idea how painstaking that was......

Improvising the white on white back-ground was tricky just know. I know my blog back-ground is tan-ish, but, it's white before I post it, and I can't seeeeeeeee what I just wrote, so, if I spelled anything wrong, it is NOT my fault!      

I hope everyone had a great day filled with food, family, and cooperative kids.  :)    Outside of the exhaustive heat the day was a lot of fun.  We opted out of fireworks last night.  It was way past baby Zs bed time and I feared the wrath of such a tiny titan.   However, on the drive home we got to witness approximately 6 displays of fire works.   Best of both worlds, we all got to enjoy them, including Zachary and from the quiet safety of our mostly sound proofed car.   

          Now on to the fun part.  I was grappling with my brain in attempt to find a topic for this post and really could not, but then, I started cooking.  And this is where I realized I am the ultimate epitome of laziness GENIUS!!!!!   

             Thus begins the pictorial of AWESOMENESS!
                          Are you ready?
                I don't think you can handle it.....
                        Fine, I'll show you....  

First we start with seasoned triangles of red pots in the croc.  But they refuse to cook fast enough....  So what do we do?

Simple, we remove the red pots and simmer them stove top whilst,  

Adding the other ingredients to the croc, sliced ham pieces, carrots, peas,  and then........

Simmer, Simmer, Simmer little potatoes that could!!!!  

Approximately 15-17 minutes after simmering on high, you add your potatoes back into the croc with the other ingredients.  

And then,  momma is HAPPY because she has now subtracted about 2-3 hours off her croc pot cooking time!!!!  
Also- p.s. today is my lazy no make-up show the world your zit and food in tooth day.
Don't judge me.

Folks, you have no extent of her weirdness.
So says baby Z, Zachary, Zackie Attackie, Chub butt, Coo coo ca-choo....
See he's the one with all the weird names, judge him, not me!!!!

    Also, for anyone looking to copy my above recipe it's : 
Sliced baby Red Potatoes, cut carrots (fresh or canned, canned cooks faster)  peas (again fresh or canned, canned cooks faster) (Or if your family is not picky, go wild with the veggies!!!!), Water mixed with Beef Bouillon cubes with reduced sodium, seasoned to taste (or save the trouble and just buy beef broth), minced garlic, minced parsley, (add your own seasonings), and a 1 pound ham roast from the deli.  Slice pieces and throw in.   Cook on high for 4-5 hours.    :)   Enjoy.                


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful Momma with a great sense of humor and zest. Love the baby, too


Candace said...

Awww Thank you so much Joanne!!!

I appreciate that, more than you know. :) *Blushing*