Ducky Diaries: Change-O-Matic!

Saturday, July 21, 2012



Hello There!!!!!

In case you were wondering.....  We've been busy in the Jackson household.  

Just, doing things like, you know, changing EVERYTHING up on you!!!!!

We crazy kids went and got shackled  MARRIED!!!!  Yes Married!

 "Hoooo, I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson, I am for real!!!  Never meant to make your daughter cry, I apologize a trillion times!!!!"

Go ahead, sing it with me.   I sing it in my head every time someone addresses me by my new moniker.
Oh, what?  You don't know the song????   Here, let me help!

Here ya go!

Sorry Mrs. Jackson song

                                                                    :)    :)    :)

And I have apparently lost another pant size!!!!  WOOOOO!  You know that feeling when you wake up after your wedding and pull the last pair of too tight pre-pregnancy jeans out of your closet (yes I have kept them in there for the last year, I had to KEEP the faith!!!)  and put them on and HOLY BATMAN, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, they fit, with NO muffin top!?   Yes, that was a great morning!

Then I decided to get even crazier and go cut 5 inches off my head!   I'm liking the new do.   And the hair-stylist fried my hair beyond repair the day of the wedding.   But my hair style was to die for so it's okay.

And, and, and!!!

Zachary has been making AMAZING leaps and strides! This morning he finally completed rolling a full 360 DEGREEEEEEEEES!!!  A whole flipping circle!   For fellow Hypotonia mommas, you know how amazing this feels!    And for my other mommas, this "inch stone" as we call them in the delay community, is comparable to say your normal progressing childs ability to stand alone.   :)   So BIG AWESOME-SAUCE DAY FOR US!

But Anyhooooozers,


Zachary after our trek down the aisle!  He walked his mommy, well mommy carried him, but still! 

Zachary playing with Granny while she chatted with our Reverend.  

My Husband!   Wooo!  

The rings!

After the ceremony, as you can see, I was a weepy red mess!  

Oh hello size 7's!  How I've missed buttoning you.  

New hair do....    

And this.   I have long since given up trying to decode his actions.  Apparently he is a foot zombie.  

       And there you have it fellow Blog-O-World people!    :)   Our crazy July!   I hope everyone is doing
                fantastical!  And all of our babies are doing fantastical, and everything is going fantastical....


Mommyto2preciouslittlegirls said...

Aww, as always you put a smile on my face and get a giggle from me. I love ya, girl! Congratulations on getting married and Z's "inch stones". Nevertheless, mile stones in my opinion.

Candace said...

Thank you so much! I am so glad my craziness brings a smile to someone! :) And 'Z' is an awesome little man! I can't believe he's mine!