Ducky Diaries: July 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just D.I.Y. #2

Hello blog world!!!

          I hope everyone is doing better than I am today!
I am hungover.....  Like really hungover......   The adult beverage Gods must really be trying to teach me a lesson.   And I learned that lesson.   Don't cook eggs for your child when you are hungover.   Tis the lesson I learned....   That and,

                                "HOW ABOUT YOU JUST DON'T DRINK THAT MUCH, IDIOT!"   ...


                          So anyhooooozers,  the other day Tom and myself decided we were going to finally purchase a home entertainment center for our t.v. and or movies, games, game system and controllers.   We had everything just stacked onto a wooden cart with wheels prior to this point.   So off to the store we go...

                       At the end of our search we found one!  That looked pretty gorgeous and within our budget, SCORE!  Not score, the fact it required a ton of assembly and had about 15 wooden pieces, not including the massive bag of screws and whatever else was needed to put this thing together.   No biggie, buying it saved us one hundred dollars....

                     Don't do it!  Just buy the one that's already pre-assembled and pay the extra money!

That dang thing took us approximately 5 hours on and off while entertaining a whiny teething toddler.   Ugh.

Oh hello box with our new stand in it.  Assembly required, we're the wonder twins, we got this shit!  

Hour 1....
Let me just spread all the pieces out here.
Instruction manual, where did you go?
Ah, pictures, I like pictures.  

Beer... Mmmm.
Scissors, open all my screws!
Dirty rug under high chair...
"Maybe we should get a dog."
He'll eat everything Z bear drops.
Where was I? 

LoL   The screw driver is getting hammered!
The hammer is getting screwed!
Okay, must finish the stand......

Almost there!!!  Hour 4!

                                                 And also, the Jacksons went to the Zoo!

I love this picture!  He was so into the jelly fish!   

Mommy and her mini- me!   You are so awesome Z-Bear!!!   

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just D.I.Y.

Hello my lovelies!

Today has been relatively uneventful here.   Zachary popped a top left canine through yesterday, so we've had a couple days of just all around FUN with swollen gums and a bit'o'blood!  Yea, about that, hopefully you know I'm being a big fat fibber..... about the fun part. All else is true.

And Tom is away at school, I am bored, and I drank coffee today which was a BAD,BAD,BAD idea....  I am beyond jittery and anxious.... Nervous Nelly must type....  Must expel mental energy...  MUST!


We're going to dye my hair in typical D.I.Y. fashion.    I should be paid for this all out advertising, but, I'm not.   However, I'm still going to blog it.  Because, that's what I do.

       Here we go!

C'Mon Preference!  Make me beautiful!  

It's looking a little more red than advertised on the box....  Hmmmms.....
Oh well...
Let's take a leap of faith.
I look good as a red head.
These are all the thoughts running through my head at FULLLLLLL SPPEEEEED!  

Now we wait.....
30 minutes, I got this...
What to do?
Walk aimlessly around my apartment and take more pictures!

Allll rinsed, showered, deep conditioned (super important when dyeing your hair at home!)
Not as red as I initially thought it would turn out,
but, end result looks pretty cute I think.
A nice little strawberry blonde.  

Our friends Audra and Ben decorated these as wedding gifts for Tom and I and brought them by last night!
Love them! 

And because we need one more odd ball picture on here...
This is my biological (because I grew up in foster care) maternal grandmother.

I don't understand why nobody believes me when I say she is/was the ORIGINAL SNOOKI!
Here's the proof!
Whoa mamajamma!
Okay- and there you have todays blog!   Remember if you are in doubt about D.I.Y. ing your own hair....
                                            Don't.   It could turn out green.   I'm pretty sure.

Saturday, July 21, 2012



Hello There!!!!!

In case you were wondering.....  We've been busy in the Jackson household.  

Just, doing things like, you know, changing EVERYTHING up on you!!!!!

We crazy kids went and got shackled  MARRIED!!!!  Yes Married!

 "Hoooo, I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson, I am for real!!!  Never meant to make your daughter cry, I apologize a trillion times!!!!"

Go ahead, sing it with me.   I sing it in my head every time someone addresses me by my new moniker.
Oh, what?  You don't know the song????   Here, let me help!

Here ya go!

Sorry Mrs. Jackson song

                                                                    :)    :)    :)

And I have apparently lost another pant size!!!!  WOOOOO!  You know that feeling when you wake up after your wedding and pull the last pair of too tight pre-pregnancy jeans out of your closet (yes I have kept them in there for the last year, I had to KEEP the faith!!!)  and put them on and HOLY BATMAN, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, they fit, with NO muffin top!?   Yes, that was a great morning!

Then I decided to get even crazier and go cut 5 inches off my head!   I'm liking the new do.   And the hair-stylist fried my hair beyond repair the day of the wedding.   But my hair style was to die for so it's okay.

And, and, and!!!

Zachary has been making AMAZING leaps and strides! This morning he finally completed rolling a full 360 DEGREEEEEEEEES!!!  A whole flipping circle!   For fellow Hypotonia mommas, you know how amazing this feels!    And for my other mommas, this "inch stone" as we call them in the delay community, is comparable to say your normal progressing childs ability to stand alone.   :)   So BIG AWESOME-SAUCE DAY FOR US!

But Anyhooooozers,


Zachary after our trek down the aisle!  He walked his mommy, well mommy carried him, but still! 

Zachary playing with Granny while she chatted with our Reverend.  

My Husband!   Wooo!  

The rings!

After the ceremony, as you can see, I was a weepy red mess!  

Oh hello size 7's!  How I've missed buttoning you.  

New hair do....    

And this.   I have long since given up trying to decode his actions.  Apparently he is a foot zombie.  

       And there you have it fellow Blog-O-World people!    :)   Our crazy July!   I hope everyone is doing
                fantastical!  And all of our babies are doing fantastical, and everything is going fantastical....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 for 1 special!

Good Day all my wonderful mommas and blog readers extraordinaire!!!!

For todays post, because I am a procrastinator at the finest definition of the word, I am going to pretty much cram two blog posts together.


Yesterday we went on a 1 day family vacay type of thingy to Put In Bay.   It was a fun time, but I don't think I'll be making another 3 hour drive just to make it back the same day, EVER again!

Here are my tips for a successful impromptu road trip with a wee one in tow.

Wake them up nice and early, then fatten their bellies.  A sleeping baby is an awesome road trip companion!

Take along your favorite read!  Ashley Greene is looking stunning on this COSMO cover!!!!

Let Daddy drive.  Enough said.  

Take along LOTS of toys/ books for when nap time ends!  

Ride the Ferry!!!!!   :)   

Take an annoyingly cute family photo Op when you arrive to your destination!
And many more!  

Take obligatory wildlife photo on the way back.

And there you have it!  My tips for a successful road trip!  He did so well!  7 hours on and off in the car and not one single melt down or fuss!

Now-  On to blog 2!

                                      Zacharys trek down Mt.Mommy!

Also- Followed by pictures!!!

Oh hey there!!!!  Just me and Mommy hanging out....   :)

Well Mommy, it's about that time....  You know, that time, where it's time .....
to get off the mountain.   

Oh hey, Yea, I know I'm super cute, but, I'm trying to accomplish something here!  


I made it to the floor!

This is one of Zacharys newer accomplishments!  Figuring out how to scooch himself down off of anything.   :)  I am so proud of this little boy!    

                                                           Have a good day!   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Sh!t has hit the fan.....


Well, not the fan, but a lot of other things.  

Go ahead guess what that is.....    I'll  tell you what it's not...that is definitely NOT a Mississippi Mud Pie!

                I know some people are going OMG! Why would she post that picture?????!!!!

And that answer, is simple.....

                                                             SHIT HAPPENS. 

This is the SAFEST way to transport a poo covered child from a carpeted place to a non carpeted place.
Trust Me.
Wal-mart bags work great for this.
And Daddies. 

The aftermath of a clean disassembled exersaucer.
With no seat, because, you know, that's also in a wal-mart bag, because,
Zachary waited to have this moment when all laundry has been washed and put away.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

How I made croc pot cooking even lazier.


      You have no idea how painstaking that was......

Improvising the white on white back-ground was tricky just know. I know my blog back-ground is tan-ish, but, it's white before I post it, and I can't seeeeeeeee what I just wrote, so, if I spelled anything wrong, it is NOT my fault!      

I hope everyone had a great day filled with food, family, and cooperative kids.  :)    Outside of the exhaustive heat the day was a lot of fun.  We opted out of fireworks last night.  It was way past baby Zs bed time and I feared the wrath of such a tiny titan.   However, on the drive home we got to witness approximately 6 displays of fire works.   Best of both worlds, we all got to enjoy them, including Zachary and from the quiet safety of our mostly sound proofed car.   

          Now on to the fun part.  I was grappling with my brain in attempt to find a topic for this post and really could not, but then, I started cooking.  And this is where I realized I am the ultimate epitome of laziness GENIUS!!!!!   

             Thus begins the pictorial of AWESOMENESS!
                          Are you ready?
                I don't think you can handle it.....
                        Fine, I'll show you....  

First we start with seasoned triangles of red pots in the croc.  But they refuse to cook fast enough....  So what do we do?

Simple, we remove the red pots and simmer them stove top whilst,  

Adding the other ingredients to the croc, sliced ham pieces, carrots, peas,  and then........

Simmer, Simmer, Simmer little potatoes that could!!!!  

Approximately 15-17 minutes after simmering on high, you add your potatoes back into the croc with the other ingredients.  

And then,  momma is HAPPY because she has now subtracted about 2-3 hours off her croc pot cooking time!!!!  
Also- p.s. today is my lazy no make-up show the world your zit and food in tooth day.
Don't judge me.

Folks, you have no extent of her weirdness.
So says baby Z, Zachary, Zackie Attackie, Chub butt, Coo coo ca-choo....
See he's the one with all the weird names, judge him, not me!!!!

    Also, for anyone looking to copy my above recipe it's : 
Sliced baby Red Potatoes, cut carrots (fresh or canned, canned cooks faster)  peas (again fresh or canned, canned cooks faster) (Or if your family is not picky, go wild with the veggies!!!!), Water mixed with Beef Bouillon cubes with reduced sodium, seasoned to taste (or save the trouble and just buy beef broth), minced garlic, minced parsley, (add your own seasonings), and a 1 pound ham roast from the deli.  Slice pieces and throw in.   Cook on high for 4-5 hours.    :)   Enjoy.