Ducky Diaries: The things I know........

Friday, June 29, 2012

The things I know........

About being a mom.    

- I am tired, a lot.
- I watch the clock and count the minutes until nap time.
- I wish I could either be a SAHM or a working mom.
- Being both is kicking my ass.  I hate midnight shifts.
-There are times when during a tantrum, I really could give a shit less and walk away.
-The moment he hurts himself or starts "real" tears, nothing can pry me away from my son.
- I am tired, really, an awful lot.

The things I know........

       About being a Special Needs mom.  

- I am tired, a lot.
- Some days, I'm depressed.  Really depressed.
-Some days, I ask the "Why Me?"  and "Why my son?" questions, through tears of anger.
- Some days I get really, really, really, frustrated at his lack of abilities.
- Most days, I wonder if he'll start sitting, crawling, walking, and other things he should be capable of.
- A lot of days, I want a break and get little to no  help.
- And by a lot of days I mean every day.  

The things I know.........

            About being a woman who's also a mom.

-We don't awake every day with the necessary strength to get through the day, but we'll fake it.
-We all have moments where we lose our identities among under eye bags and our post baby bodies.
-Self pity is okay is small increments. Tears, chocolate, ice-cream, chips, and wine can be a best friend.
-We love our children with every fiber of our being even when we don't like them or their actions.
-We have times where we wish our spouses could switch us roles for one day.
-We wonder what we'd be doing without children. If our lives would be as full-filled.
-We question our abilities to rear these small personalities that seem so much like ourselves and our spouses but so completely different at the same time.

These, are the things I know......   

No matter how irritable I get, he's still the bees knees. 
This is a true statement. 

This is still the cutest picture ever!  


Mommyto2preciouslittlegirls said...

Aww, I love it! You always crack me up or bring a tear to my eye!

Candace said...

Thank you darling!

I just ramble what's on my brain. It's still shocking to me that smart women actually read the things I write. LOL

I'm glad you enjoy it. Love you girl!