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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Hypotonic-sweet life

Today is a Good day!

You know, the kind of day where your tiny little child sticks his tiny little pointer finger, with it's jagged, little finger nail, right into your eye.   That kind of day!  LOL

So, I already wrote an awesome post 30 minutes ago, it was beautiful, moving, and all the land bowed!  However, my internet decided to go down for a split second and I lost the whole damn post.  ARGH!   So this one will be a shorter version.

    I wanted to take a second to shed some light on Hypotonia.   It has become quite apparent to me, that there, is still so little known and understood about this disorder.  Hypotonia, is often an un-answered question, which is horribly frustrating at times.   And in all honesty, until my son was semi-diagnosed at almost 10 months, I really did not know or understand myself.  

     Info on Hypotonia

So even though Zachary has undergone and will undergo many, many, many, tests, we may never have a definitive answer.  We just take one day at a time, like other parents of "Rag Dolls", and accept and feel blessed for all the awesome-ness that is our beautiful children.    :)

Now, I'm going to post pictures!!!!  1ST BIRTHDAY PICTURES!!!!!!     Squeeeeeee!!!!! OMG!!!!

                                                             ZACHARY IS ONE!

OMG!!!!  How is this not the cutest little chocolate covered face EVER!!!!

Zachary thinks I'm just biased, but, C'MON!  HOW CUTE IS HE!?
    And now, here are some picturez of my GARDEN!  Because OMG!  I haven't killed everything yet!!               

OMG!  How gorgeous are my lilies!  

Go ahead, admit they're gorgeous! 

And yes, I am very well aware of my bragging, these flowers are gorgeous!  

And the sad sight of where my sunflowers used to be.  :(    The dang squirrels KILLED THEM!

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