Ducky Diaries: Hey Zachary, whatcha doing?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey Zachary, whatcha doing?

Hey Buddy,

Whatcha doin there?   
"Oh you know, just finger painting and eating stuff."

Mommy- "Well, is your lunch yummy?" 

"Yea, it's pretty darn good, mommy!"   
  I can't even explain how much I adore this little boy!  The fact that he's turning 1 in just a few days boggles my mind!   The things he has overcome in the span of a year are amazing!   Be still my beating heart.  

In other words, does anyone remember my post about my rose bush that came back from the dead???!!!!   (in case you didn't read it) 

Well, check THIS out!

How gorgeous is that bloom!!!!!  There are three more getting close to opening!  

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