Ducky Diaries: June 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pincer grasp perfection. Houston we have a problem.

G'Day to you all.

On this fine summer day, I have decided to write about Zacharys pincer perfection.  We can now pick up any texture of any wetness, or dryness.  Hurdle cheerios into our mouth with a single bound.  Swirl food to any length on our high-chair tray....


And we also pinch.   "Ouch!"

The dastardly rascal is up to no good assuredly when your flesh is in sight.  BOOBS  A cups, arms, the flying fat under your arm is a pleasant specialty, grabbing little chubby baby handfuls of skin is his delight.

And "NO", we're apparently so over that, mom.

When he feels that you are in his way- Here's a pinch for you.

When he doesn't get what he wants- Here's a pinch for you.

When he wants your shirt pulled down and you want it up- Here's a pinch for you.

When you hold his hands while he stands so he doesn't fall- Here's a pinch for you.
Which usually results in a swear word and him falling to the ground.

No amount of clipping his tiny razors down to pulps will soothe the pain, only, lesson the ability to mark.

Oi Vey.  

You put him down, and it remedies the situation, but, only until you meet again.

               So how do you effectively punish a 1 year old?  That is my conundrum.   Time out?  He doesn't get that, and can't sit or stand.    Putting him down and saying "NO" see above sentence.    Tapping his sweet little baby hand?   Is this a new game mom????!?!??!?!!!!  YAY!  

                                                                  "Whatever, mom."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Symphony @ 8 o'clock


Every battery operated toy in my apartment was on and playing.    We were up by 6:30 a.m. and I was up until 3:00 a.m.   JOY TO THE WORLD!  THE BABE, HE IS AWAKE!!!!


(I must confess, I begged Tom to turn the baby monitor extremely low so I could go back to sleep.  But, he refused.  What a butt!)

Then at 9:00 a.m.  I decided for some unknown reason that I needed to change the entire living rooms contents completely in another direction.   I'm thinking of telling Tom it was temporary insanity when he arrives home at 5:00 p.m. with an assured look of "WTF?! DID YOU DO!!!!!???????"   I know it's coming just as I know the sun will set this evening.   But, I AM NOT moving it all back.  No Way Jose'!

Even if I'm not sure what I think of the new set up.    However, it makes it look as though we now have two rooms instead of one GIANT living room/dining room.  Yes, it's one of those apartments. And it makes the conversation "Do you think we should get a t.v. for the dining room?", completely obsolete, so, you know, there's always that.  

Now that Zachary is down for his nap, snuggled in his bed, with his covers up to his head, I am going to pass-the-fudge-out!  

     But before I do.....  Hip Hip Hooray!  Today is DAY 3 of NO B-O-T-T-L-E-S, yes we've started spelling the word out, to discourage the "Bottle, WHERE? OMG! Someone GIVE IT TO ME!" meltdowns.  
I am in fact, pleased as a peach with this WIN! And tomorrow, they are going to be packed away.

And And AND......... OMG!  The wee babe has finally began to SIT unassisted!  You cannot possibly understand the palpable awesomeness of this new found amazingness!!!  Shut up, I know.  LOL   Woot!  I think we may finally start seeing some feats here soon.   Yay!   Oh how I've enjoyed your company Hypotonia, but, it's been a year, it'd be nice if you could relinquish your evil hold, just a wee bit...

              But here's some pictorials!    : D    THE JOY, IT IS HERE AGAIN, ALAS!  

                                                          "Spider Jammies, Spider Jammies, 
                                                             Does whatever Jammies can 
                                                                Sprays a poo, any size, 
                                                             Catches cheerios just like flies 
                                                                          Look Out! 
                                                            Here comes the Spider Jammies". 
                                            You're WELCOME.  Have fun Humming that today.  
                       His orchestra, was adorable, until he decided, these toys were simply NOT enough!
         And this bastard right here.... Perched on top of my shepards hook, he's going to DIE!!!    
                                                   These Squirrels are like New York pigeons!  

            And then there's this picture.   I am so proud of this little boy. Every day, he amazes me.  He overcomes challenges that by 1, most people will not ever face in a life-time.  You are mommy's Super-Hero

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Hypotonic-sweet life

Today is a Good day!

You know, the kind of day where your tiny little child sticks his tiny little pointer finger, with it's jagged, little finger nail, right into your eye.   That kind of day!  LOL

So, I already wrote an awesome post 30 minutes ago, it was beautiful, moving, and all the land bowed!  However, my internet decided to go down for a split second and I lost the whole damn post.  ARGH!   So this one will be a shorter version.

    I wanted to take a second to shed some light on Hypotonia.   It has become quite apparent to me, that there, is still so little known and understood about this disorder.  Hypotonia, is often an un-answered question, which is horribly frustrating at times.   And in all honesty, until my son was semi-diagnosed at almost 10 months, I really did not know or understand myself.  

     Info on Hypotonia

So even though Zachary has undergone and will undergo many, many, many, tests, we may never have a definitive answer.  We just take one day at a time, like other parents of "Rag Dolls", and accept and feel blessed for all the awesome-ness that is our beautiful children.    :)

Now, I'm going to post pictures!!!!  1ST BIRTHDAY PICTURES!!!!!!     Squeeeeeee!!!!! OMG!!!!

                                                             ZACHARY IS ONE!

OMG!!!!  How is this not the cutest little chocolate covered face EVER!!!!

Zachary thinks I'm just biased, but, C'MON!  HOW CUTE IS HE!?
    And now, here are some picturez of my GARDEN!  Because OMG!  I haven't killed everything yet!!               

OMG!  How gorgeous are my lilies!  

Go ahead, admit they're gorgeous! 

And yes, I am very well aware of my bragging, these flowers are gorgeous!  

And the sad sight of where my sunflowers used to be.  :(    The dang squirrels KILLED THEM!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey Zachary, whatcha doing?

Hey Buddy,

Whatcha doin there? 
"Oh you know, just finger painting and eating stuff."

Mommy- "Well, is your lunch yummy?" 

"Yea, it's pretty darn good, mommy!"   
  I can't even explain how much I adore this little boy!  The fact that he's turning 1 in just a few days boggles my mind!   The things he has overcome in the span of a year are amazing!   Be still my beating heart.

How gorgeous is that bloom!!!!!  There are three more getting close to opening!