Ducky Diaries: Hooray for Early Intervention! Death to squirrels!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hooray for Early Intervention! Death to squirrels!

Happy Belated Memorial Day everyone!

I hope your holiday was a superb one.  :)  We had the usual, small amount of company, grilled foods and carbonated beverages, all in all, a fine time.   And we had our very own veteran to hug and Thank!  He goes by the name D.I.C. (Daddy in Charge) or as I like to call him, Tom, Tommie, Snuggle Bunny (but don't tell anyone about that last one). 

We just finished up with Zachary's evaluation results for "Help me Grow" which is our countys Early Intervention program.  I have spent the last 2 hours looking over Zacharys IFSP which is the baby version of an IEP.  I am actually so pleasantly surprised I had to do a happy dance jig once his specialist left!   He scored very low in his Gross Motor Development, which we knew he would.  However, Social/Emotional- SUPERIOR!  Let me REPEAT- SUPERIOR!!!   Yay- Possible Autism Diagnosis, we have beat you!

He is also Average in all other areas of development, such as, Fine Motor skills, cognitive, Language, General Adaptive!  HE'S NORMAL!!!  WOOOOOO!  I literally have had a tummy full of knots today just thinking of how badly he was going to score across the board, but, alas, my son, is a smart cookie!   And seeing all of this just re-affirms that I made a good judgment call by canceling his M.R.I.  Whew, breath of fresh air! 

I must admit, I am a horrible host (Slams HEAD on TABLE!). We spent 2 hours going over all the evaluation paper-work and I had cotton mouth horribly by the end of it and I know Zacharys specialist must have as well, and I couldn't offer her a single thing to drink, because we have NOTHING, even our water is HORRID, and of course, we just ran out of distilled water this morning.   I need to make a mental note to make sun-tea or buy bottles of water, or something, GAH!  Poor desert mouths!

I need to write out his assessment teams note, because I love it!

"Zachary is a very adorable little boy. He is currently demonstrating age appropriate development in areas of Fine Motor, Social Emotional, Cognitive, and receptive and expressive communication skills. He demonstrates a delay in the area of Gross Motor."  

ZACHARY IS A VERY ADORABLE LITTLE BOY.- I just needed to repeat that for my own bragging rights.  ;)  

So onto my next topic, how does everyone feel about me shooting squirrels?  Like, shooting them dead.
They will NOT stay out of my GARDEN!   I just planted Sunflowers, wait till you see the picture of my sunflowers....  I am so PEED OFF!!!  And also, ANYONE, HALP,  I have TWO toads living and BURROWING under my rose bush, should I be CONCERNED!  I thought I heard somewhere this was BAD?   HALP PLEASE!


                                               When did SQUIRRELS become so BRAVE?!

My poor defenseless Sunflower plants!  They just had leaves yesterday!!

                              Now they are TOPLESS!  My sunflowers are indecently EXPOSED!

Mom, here's an idea, just point that flash from your camera in the squirrels eyes!    

                                                                    *Squint, Squint*

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