Ducky Diaries: Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

   It's Mother's Day!!!!

   You know that day, that's supposed to be
just for you. The day your supposed to relax
and put your feet up, but, it's really just
a day people get you stuff and say "Happy
Mother's Day, now what are you making for dinner?!"

   I don't know about the rest of you out
Me- an official mommy 6/10/11
there but, this one is a lot different
than last years. 

   This time last year I was 8 months  pregnant
and beyond ready to be done with the whole
she-bang and get on with popping out the baby.

   Little did I know what awaited me on the
other side.   That was such a thin line to
me, becoming a mother, and being a mother.
It's a life lesson that no one can explain,
rather a lesson learned through experience. 

   But enough witht the epiphany yada yada.

It's been a good day, no melt downs, nap time
is still going strong, Tom used his lunch break
to pick me up lunch and bring it home.
No one drank my Starbucks Mocha Frapp that
I put in the fride last night.  And I got all
the dishes done in one load.  No complaints!

         Happy Mother's Day to all my Wonderful
Mommies doing their thang today!  May you all
know your worth! Multitasking fools!  :)

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