Ducky Diaries: Cheerios Smear-y-O's

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cheerios Smear-y-O's

This past week, I've been offering Zachary Cheerios with lunch to help smooth out the wrinkles in his pincer grasp.   And I must say, while we have not quite over come the difficulties, he definitely got the hang of getting them in his mouth today!    :)    Here's some pictures from our awesome lunch-time fun time!

Hey mom!  Give me food and I'll give you cheese!  

Doing good, halfway through the pile he originally had, taken a break for some water. 

I think this is his signal for "DONE!".  LOL

So there we have it! And for the blog world, these are Zachary's new er um shoes  braces.  He's not so sure about them yet, but, hopefully he'll get used to them.   Fingers crossed we see some improvement and he'll learn to keep his toes out straight and stand flat-footed.   We've got a tippy-toer, which I think he got from me, I was the same when I was little.  But my shoes braces were not as cute.  

Yesterdays attempt at wearing our braces, as you can see, he was clearly NOT amused!   

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