Ducky Diaries: May 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hooray for Early Intervention! Death to squirrels!

Happy Belated Memorial Day everyone!

I hope your holiday was a superb one.  :)  We had the usual, small amount of company, grilled foods and carbonated beverages, all in all, a fine time.   And we had our very own veteran to hug and Thank!  He goes by the name D.I.C. (Daddy in Charge) or as I like to call him, Tom, Tommie, Snuggle Bunny (but don't tell anyone about that last one). 

We just finished up with Zachary's evaluation results for "Help me Grow" which is our countys Early Intervention program.  I have spent the last 2 hours looking over Zacharys IFSP which is the baby version of an IEP.  I am actually so pleasantly surprised I had to do a happy dance jig once his specialist left!   He scored very low in his Gross Motor Development, which we knew he would.  However, Social/Emotional- SUPERIOR!  Let me REPEAT- SUPERIOR!!!   Yay- Possible Autism Diagnosis, we have beat you!

He is also Average in all other areas of development, such as, Fine Motor skills, cognitive, Language, General Adaptive!  HE'S NORMAL!!!  WOOOOOO!  I literally have had a tummy full of knots today just thinking of how badly he was going to score across the board, but, alas, my son, is a smart cookie!   And seeing all of this just re-affirms that I made a good judgment call by canceling his M.R.I.  Whew, breath of fresh air! 

I must admit, I am a horrible host (Slams HEAD on TABLE!). We spent 2 hours going over all the evaluation paper-work and I had cotton mouth horribly by the end of it and I know Zacharys specialist must have as well, and I couldn't offer her a single thing to drink, because we have NOTHING, even our water is HORRID, and of course, we just ran out of distilled water this morning.   I need to make a mental note to make sun-tea or buy bottles of water, or something, GAH!  Poor desert mouths!

I need to write out his assessment teams note, because I love it!

"Zachary is a very adorable little boy. He is currently demonstrating age appropriate development in areas of Fine Motor, Social Emotional, Cognitive, and receptive and expressive communication skills. He demonstrates a delay in the area of Gross Motor."  

ZACHARY IS A VERY ADORABLE LITTLE BOY.- I just needed to repeat that for my own bragging rights.  ;)  

So onto my next topic, how does everyone feel about me shooting squirrels?  Like, shooting them dead.
They will NOT stay out of my GARDEN!   I just planted Sunflowers, wait till you see the picture of my sunflowers....  I am so PEED OFF!!!  And also, ANYONE, HALP,  I have TWO toads living and BURROWING under my rose bush, should I be CONCERNED!  I thought I heard somewhere this was BAD?   HALP PLEASE!


                                               When did SQUIRRELS become so BRAVE?!

My poor defenseless Sunflower plants!  They just had leaves yesterday!!

                              Now they are TOPLESS!  My sunflowers are indecently EXPOSED!

Mom, here's an idea, just point that flash from your camera in the squirrels eyes!    

                                                                    *Squint, Squint*

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cheerios Smear-y-O's

This past week, I've been offering Zachary Cheerios with lunch to help smooth out the wrinkles in his pincer grasp.   And I must say, while we have not quite over come the difficulties, he definitely got the hang of getting them in his mouth today!    :)    Here's some pictures from our awesome lunch-time fun time!

Hey mom!  Give me food and I'll give you cheese!  

Doing good, halfway through the pile he originally had, taken a break for some water. 

I think this is his signal for "DONE!".  LOL

So there we have it! And for the blog world, these are Zachary's new er um shoes  braces.  He's not so sure about them yet, but, hopefully he'll get used to them.   Fingers crossed we see some improvement and he'll learn to keep his toes out straight and stand flat-footed.   We've got a tippy-toer, which I think he got from me, I was the same when I was little.  But my shoes braces were not as cute.  

Yesterdays attempt at wearing our braces, as you can see, he was clearly NOT amused!   

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Rose Bush, won't you bloom?

         I have a small miniature rose bush
that Thomas bought me for Valentines Day this past
year, and today, it taught me a very valuable lesson.
   The day Tom came home with it, the bush was new and 
shiny and perfect  with no faults in my eyes.
It was bright green and leafy, and a week or 
so later, it blossomed into beautiful reds,pinks, and
fuscia roses!  Fast forward a few more weeks,
the leaves began to droop and the flowers began
to die from lack of sunlight. Living in a basement

level apartment with no windows high enough off the ground 
to provide adequet light apparently, not so good for plant life.
And,  our window screens were  fused shut so we couldn't place the
 bush outside in direct sun-light.....

        I continued to water and prune  hoping that 
it would survive at least until we moved and I could plant it
out-doors.  Well, finally we moved, but before I could plant my 
rose bush, it was knocked over, lost a lot of soil, and all the blooms fell off
 and once again I thought the poor thing was going to completely 
die or at the very least, never flourish.

 Finally a month ago, we planted the rose bush in our garden.
There was little to no change until today.  

        As I was standing on my patio looking at my little apartment  sized garden, I noticed a bulbous shape on the top of that  faithful little rose bush. 

 Lo and behold it has began to bloom
once again!   

This got me thinking about Zachary.  When I began this blog, it was still yet to be discovered that ANYTHING was even wrong with him.  He was just a usual cranky crying new baby doing what he was supposed to.   Fast forward almost a full year, (a year you have all been with me).  And now, there's never a day that I'm not wondering if I'm doing enough for him, if we need to put him through more testing, less testing, take a break from it, go forward with it.  I ask myself everyday if I'm providing everything in my power to help him grow and thrive. And most of the time, I feel like a failure, just going through the same motions, over and over.    And then, this little bush outside of my door, takes me by surprise and helps me re-set my thought process.  

        What if, I just need to be his mother and
take care of him. What if, I need to just step back and 
relax.  What if, I need to let him "bloom" in his own time
in his own way.  What if, I need to just stop worrying so much 
( Now there's a crazy concept. Moms, not worry?!).

           Might I just happen to notice one day, that
he'll come full circle right under my nose.  That would be amazing.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

   It's Mother's Day!!!!

   You know that day, that's supposed to be
just for you. The day your supposed to relax
and put your feet up, but, it's really just
a day people get you stuff and say "Happy
Mother's Day, now what are you making for dinner?!"

   I don't know about the rest of you out
Me- an official mommy 6/10/11
there but, this one is a lot different
than last years. 

   This time last year I was 8 months  pregnant
and beyond ready to be done with the whole
she-bang and get on with popping out the baby.

   Little did I know what awaited me on the
other side.   That was such a thin line to
me, becoming a mother, and being a mother.
It's a life lesson that no one can explain,
rather a lesson learned through experience. 

   But enough witht the epiphany yada yada.

It's been a good day, no melt downs, nap time
is still going strong, Tom used his lunch break
to pick me up lunch and bring it home.
No one drank my Starbucks Mocha Frapp that
I put in the fride last night.  And I got all
the dishes done in one load.  No complaints!

         Happy Mother's Day to all my Wonderful
Mommies doing their thang today!  May you all
know your worth! Multitasking fools!  :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hilbilly Heaven

Here it is, that time again. 

 You know what I'm talking about right?

  It's time for crazy lady mommy blogger
thingy to dump her guts all over this
here page and make everyone else feel
normal by comparison!  YAY!!!! 

But before you get too excited, I should
explain that my laptop is on the fritz
so I have to do all this "notepad, copy,
paste, quick, Control C before I lose it,
internet shut down, restart, Control V,
post, hurry,hurry, try to post before,
Ah Dammit! Internet shutdown."

   So... Here are some pictures.....

Dis is my attempt at clothes line until I get a clothes line. 
     (In my best nonchalant voice.)