Ducky Diaries: What is in a Name....... Brand?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What is in a Name....... Brand?

As a mom, 

         you learn things along the road.  Valuable life lessons.  Money lessons.  Sometimes in-expensive is the best, sometimes expensive or costly is the best.  
There are a few things I have learned that it is better to spend the money once than a million times over.   

Example A:

Diaper Bags.   The Giraffe bag on the left is the brand new one we just bought that was a little costly.  The bag on the right, is a freebie that one of my dear friends gave us shortly after Zachary was born.  The new one is obviously bigger, which is great, but it's also sturdier, and comes with pockets and zippered hiding spots (OH MY FLIPPIN GOSH!) and a diaper changing pad and a plastic tiny misc. objects holder.    The freebie is torn to shreds inside(Literally I took a picture of that to, but when I went to upload it, apparently, I the dumb idiot made a video and not a picture.)  There were no inner pockets, and now there are.   Don't get me wrong, this plain black bag has lasted us 10 long months and can probably tell you stories to make you feel sorry for it!    

                                  However, that leads me back to my post on Name Brand products versus bargain shopping. Everyone that knows me, knows I am the Goodwill shopping center QUEEN!  If I was rich, I would be one of those Goodwill hoarding nic nacs, wind-chimed,  covered women in a cat sweater!  I am SO NOT KIDDING HERE FOLKS!  

                                  Anyways- There are certain things I feel that you should splurge on now, rather than re-purchase in the long run:   

Namely- Diaper Bags, these will be a constant companion so do yourself a favor and SPLURGE!   

CribsYes they are expensive, but, your child will most likely use this up to 2-3 years of age.  Unless they co-sleep, and if they do, I hate you, because my son shunned co-sleeping with me at 5 months old.  He is a brat.  

Any toy that your child gets put into- Swings, Jumperoos, Exersaucers, anything that holds your child, in my opinion should have the strength and safety level of a mothers arms.  That's my OPINION!  

Car SeatsThis is the one thing that you WILL depend on to SAVE your child's life in the event of a crash, and when your hubby falls down the stairs, with your sweet baby.    ANYTHING used to PROTECT your child should have quality standards and ALWAYS be up to date on ALL REQUIREMENTS!  That's the EXPERTS opinion. Most of the women I know are currently upgrading to big kid seats from their infant seats. Anyone unsure of the regulations please read this before purchasing a new seat.

                                     With that said, there are things that don't need to be costly. 

ClothesI don't care who you are, your child would ALWAYS 100% rather be comfy over fashionable, until he's 13 or if you have a girl, until she's 5.  LOLZ

Diapers-  I forgot to originally add this one so I had to come back to do it.   Diapers are one of those things that depends on your child's bottom and your preference as a mommie.  You can go cloth, disposable, do both interchangeably.  You can buy expensive cloth diapers, make your own inexpensive cloth diapers.  Or you can buy expensive disposables or inexpensive disposables!   We went the route of disposable and found out really quickly that Huggies or Luvs make Zachary's butt look like a mini pepperoni pizza!  However, Dollar Store brand and Walmart Parent Choice diapers work great and cause no rash whatsoever.  This is one that can go in either category and really does depend on namely, baby butt first and foremost!   (Thank you Katie for making mention of diapers!) 

Bottles- If your child will take inexpensive brand bottles, go you!  Can we say Cha-ching in your wallet!? We learned that Zachary could care less if he drank out of Tommee Tippie bottles or Walmart Brand Parents Choice bottles.  So of course, which do you think we went with!?  It's $3.00 for a 3 pack of 9 ounce bottles at WALMART!  OMG SO MANY BOTTLES, SO LITTLE MONEY!  

Sippy Cups- We have a variety of inexpensive as well as the more expensive ones, it boils down to, which one will your kid take.  Zachary prefers the Nuby Brand.  Not terribly expensive at all.  They range from $3-$5 dollars. 

PacifiersAlways make sure any object used to feed or soothe your child is up to requirements and doesn't easily pull apart if it isn't one piece.  If your child will take the one piece pacifiers, definitely try them. Always remember, ANYTHING that can be placed in your childs mouth can become a choking hazard so do watch them.   We like the GumDrop pacis.   
Low cost and a one piece.   

                 So here you have it, awesome advice from a First Time Mom.  All you moms of more, go ahead and slap me and tell me to shut my yapper.   My rant for the day is over.  Zachary just passed out in his exersaucer and it looks horribly uncomfortable.   Must rescue my BABEZ!      

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