Ducky Diaries: A look into the life of Mommies, we're not so different.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A look into the life of Mommies, we're not so different.

I want to share some pictures, because even I couldn't write a post as funny and real, that could be demonstrated better.   

This is one of my 3 place-mats, on my dining room table. A note to Tom reminding him to go renew his car tags, a long line of Dr.s cards (if they were monies, I be a rich bitch!) And look, a Kohl's $10.00 off coupon my friend Brittany gave me!!!  Ask me if I am excited.....  Because I am SO excited! 

I look like a mess, my eyes are swollen because I got Vicks Vapo rub in them last night. I don't even know how.  And...  Look in my hair, WTF?! is that?  Mandarin Oranges from Zachary's lunch, he fed himself, I'm not sure how or when it got in my hair, I only found out 15 minutes ago when I got done pooping. 

And this is the pile of clean clothes awaiting my attention now that Zachary is down for his nap (Please God, let him sleep for the next 2 hours so I can relax after folding all this!).   

   I would post a picture of all the bottles, sippy cups, baby spoons, and the high-chair tray that are covering my kitchen counters, however, I'm sure you can look at your counter tops and feel my pain.  Unless you're awesome and already did all your cleaning for the day, and in that case, you disgust me!

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