Ducky Diaries: Who dis is?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who dis is?


      I had a whole awesome blog written out for today.  However, real life happened again, and I realized my paper contained way too many words to type out.  So I do it next time, okies?    :)    

       Anyhoozers,  for anyone that is curious, we got all moved in and it is great!  We love the place, absolutely adore it, in fact.  We, also, adore our neighbors!  I have never lived in a place (apartment complex) where people are so insanely friendly.   To the point where they stare into your screen door to get your attention.  (The whole story to this is in the blog I decided not to write today.  Which is why you should keep an eye out for me to write it, because it's funny.Really it is.)   I like to think of this as true Ohio hospitality. Not, in fact, creepy, which is what it really is. Or nosey, which is also what it is. Cause, yes, my stuffs is better than yours because we like nice stuffs!    But anyways, the neighbors are great!  Except the couple that owns the 3 year old tyrant that attempted to claw his way into my apartment while his mother yanked his shirt collar.  

   I don't agree with leashes for children but in that case, I think there is an exception to be made.   

       I would love to stay and write more today, but, someone left their almost 10 month old in my sons room and he has decided naps are unnecessary and is currently yelling "MOM" in EVERY form that the English language OWNS!    But here are some pictures for you!  Because, I absolutely cannot believe my flipping eyes!   We had no batteries for our digital camera for the last, oh about, 9 months, LOOK at this tiny baby in this picture!  We finally got batteries! And found our camera after unpacking!   LOOK for yourself! 

Look at this tiny little boy! 
                                                                O.m.g. He was so new!
Who dis fat baby? 
Where did cute little baby above go?
I guess it's okay, this one is cute to. 
I keep him. 
 And yes, those are Halloween jammies in March. I have the same pair that I wear in October.  I get to dress myself, because I'm an adult.   For the record.


Little Mommie said...

I miss our newborns! He's so beautiful. <3 Love you both, and LOVE this blog! Your so funny lovley

Candace said...

Thank you so much! :) I miss them as well!