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Monday, March 12, 2012

Precious Hands, not so precious.......

Around Thanksgiving, I was given the gift of a Precious Hands kit.....

   Yesterday, I decided, maybe it was time to give that bad boy a whirl...   So I got everything ready as per instructed, whipped up all the batters, and ran from my kitchen to impress my little boys hand into the 3D gel, literally ran, because they tell you, per the instructions that you have approximately 1-1 and a half minutes before the gel sets.

    So off I ran.

    First,  we tried the hands.   "OOOooooOoOoooh, I'm 9 months old, what is all this squishy stuffs!  I wanna put it in my HAIR!!!!"  Then the other hand "OOOOoOoOoOOOOoh, more squishy stuff, I think it goes in my ear!!!!!!"    Then the right foot, " It's time to dance, giggle,giggle,giggle, stomp!".   To which I responded like any reasonably calm adult in said situation...  "ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!"

    Fast forward through bathing a baby shellacked in gel, combing, yes combing, hardened goo gel out of my living room carpet, I am now left with no imprint, no fond memory, just a plaster heart.  Ultimately, I'm going to ink my kid, stick his feet on the heart, and go about my day.

    The other alternative on the instructions, wait until your child is asleep and then stick his limbs in the goo.  Because, you know, that wouldn't wake anybody up.  Seriously, that is the LAST time I am buying something, anything, promoted towards kids by someone that most likely has no kids. 

    Fun times. 

                        Thank you for the memories Precious Hands. Really.  It was wonderful.

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