Ducky Diaries: It's Magic Time

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Magic Time

A pink bottle, really? Someone please explain to my mother that I has PENIS!  
                                                      Good Day Everyone! 

      Well, yesterday was the day.  Zachary had two viles drawn for his bloodwork and took it like a champ.  What I mean is, he cried, I gagged as they drew the blood and stuck my face into Tom's back and clung to his shirt.  I was so the epitome of mature. Trust me I was. Don't let the fact that the doctor said I should probably step out, fool you.  I'm a big girl!  Now someone give me my lollipop for doing so well! 

      Back to the land of big people things, Zachary is being tested for a genetic disorder.   Namely Prader Willi Syndrome.  for more info.  

      We will be getting those results in about 2 weeks.  He also had a full Chromosomal check.  Those results will be in, in about 4 weeks.  So it's another waiting game.   I won't lie, it's scary, potentially devastating, however, it's just another hurdle we will learn to clear.    I'm a firm believer that it is easier to deal and heal when you know what's going on.  I am an anxious mess, and at least, once we know, we'll know, no more guessing games.  Unless everything comes back completely normal, I will be baffled, and we'll most likely move back to all things Neurological and Palsy related.   Let the good times roll!  

       Tomorrow-  Yay!  Tomorrow is moving day, and nothing is packed.  You cannot understand the joy I have, knowing, I have procrastinated to the point of having 24 hours to pack. Which is technically 9 hours since I have to be at work at 9 p.m.   Kill me now with expresso shots!   

        I am to the point of throwing it ALL in garbage bags, then, throwing it ALL in the garbage.       
                    Anyone want to help, feel free to pull a dumpster right up to my front door.   


Anonymous said...

Prayers to you guys! I hope you get what you are looking for with the answers.

Candace said...

Thank you so much for reading lovely! And I hope so to. I don't even really know what that means, what I'm hoping for. Obviously a miracle and for everything to be 100% normal, but, I'm thinking that probably won't happen. But Hey, you never know right!? :) P.s. I love your blog, I tried to subscribe last night at work, but I think I did something wrong.