Ducky Diaries: Happy Belated St. Patty's now give me some Coffee.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Belated St. Patty's now give me some Coffee.

                                 Happy Belated St.Patty's Day everyone!

       Thank God, my ulcer started acting up after one Amaretto Sour last night and I wasn't able to consume much because Zachary, in all his cuteness, decided to tell us very loudly, that it was time for us to leave the bar and pick him up.   As it turns out, he was not cool with spending the night with Granny and Papa.  So Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi HO, off to home we goed.....  Shut up, I know.    

        However, I like to think my mini-me was just looking out for my best interest, because, today, I have no hangover whatsoever.   Small price to pay for our midnight drive past a gazillion cops on the way home.

         This is the week of a million things to do.  No exaggeration.   Today is Sunday, the calm before the storm.  Tomorrow is Monday, Zachary has physical therapy, which Tom agreed to take him.  I get a whole hour home ALONE for the first time in 9 months!  I win, except, I don't.  I realized Tom is just sneaky, because I have to pack tomorrow, because we're moving, in oh, about 5 days.  And the only things packed are a few of Zachary's toys.  You know, just, ALL, of the noisy ones.  Ha!  I did win, a little bit.

         Then there's Tuesday, the day I have been dreading for weeks, Genetics Testing day.  So hopefully after a few more weeks of probably not sleeping, the way I've been not sleeping for the last three weeks, we'll hear some sort of good news on the front of Genetics.   And move on to the land of M.R.I's.

          Wednesday, more packing, quick packing, frantic packing, just get it all fricken packed packing.  "How is it this baby has more stuffs than we do?!!???!?!??     What? What's that, I don't know, do you?  Just throw it in a trash bag, we'll go through it at the new place."   I'm just foreboding here, but, this whole paragraph is most likely really going to happen.

          Thursday,  Zachary has more shots and a well baby check.  Where I will ask about buying a magical cream to split baby's skin around his penickle so he can be, well, circumcised again.  To which his pediatrician will look at me like I'm crazy, because she always does.    I like to think of it as our special relationship.   I think she really likes me.   Definitely, mother doctor fighting is completely healthy.        :)

           Friday,  bring on the trucks and trailers and hands, I will buy you pizza, no you cannot pick the toppings, it will be peperoni, but I'll give you peperoni pizza and Pepsi if you come help us move stuffs to our new home.......       

             And this is my upcoming week.  It is still probably more tame than most others normal weeks, and for that, I salute you mommy's!     Send some of your sanity my way.  I'm sure to need it around Wednesday, maybe some crack as well.    Totally kidding on the crack, but I also accept Iced Mocha coffees with three cubes of ice.  It has to be three.  

It is always important to place your child into a safe receptacle during a move.
And then pack yourself, with a kitten, and a bottle of wine. 

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