Ducky Diaries: March 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who dis is?


      I had a whole awesome blog written out for today.  However, real life happened again, and I realized my paper contained way too many words to type out.  So I do it next time, okies?    :)    

       Anyhoozers,  for anyone that is curious, we got all moved in and it is great!  We love the place, absolutely adore it, in fact.  We, also, adore our neighbors!  I have never lived in a place (apartment complex) where people are so insanely friendly.   To the point where they stare into your screen door to get your attention.  (The whole story to this is in the blog I decided not to write today.  Which is why you should keep an eye out for me to write it, because it's funny.Really it is.)   I like to think of this as true Ohio hospitality. Not, in fact, creepy, which is what it really is. Or nosey, which is also what it is. Cause, yes, my stuffs is better than yours because we like nice stuffs!    But anyways, the neighbors are great!  Except the couple that owns the 3 year old tyrant that attempted to claw his way into my apartment while his mother yanked his shirt collar.  

   I don't agree with leashes for children but in that case, I think there is an exception to be made.   

       I would love to stay and write more today, but, someone left their almost 10 month old in my sons room and he has decided naps are unnecessary and is currently yelling "MOM" in EVERY form that the English language OWNS!    But here are some pictures for you!  Because, I absolutely cannot believe my flipping eyes!   We had no batteries for our digital camera for the last, oh about, 9 months, LOOK at this tiny baby in this picture!  We finally got batteries! And found our camera after unpacking!   LOOK for yourself! 

Look at this tiny little boy! 
                                                                O.m.g. He was so new!
Who dis fat baby? 
Where did cute little baby above go?
I guess it's okay, this one is cute to. 
I keep him. 
 And yes, those are Halloween jammies in March. I have the same pair that I wear in October.  I get to dress myself, because I'm an adult.   For the record.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Magic Time

A pink bottle, really? Someone please explain to my mother that I has PENIS!  
                                                      Good Day Everyone! 

      Well, yesterday was the day.  Zachary had two viles drawn for his bloodwork and took it like a champ.  What I mean is, he cried, I gagged as they drew the blood and stuck my face into Tom's back and clung to his shirt.  I was so the epitome of mature. Trust me I was. Don't let the fact that the doctor said I should probably step out, fool you.  I'm a big girl!  Now someone give me my lollipop for doing so well! 

      Back to the land of big people things, Zachary is being tested for a genetic disorder.   Namely Prader Willi Syndrome.  for more info.  

      We will be getting those results in about 2 weeks.  He also had a full Chromosomal check.  Those results will be in, in about 4 weeks.  So it's another waiting game.   I won't lie, it's scary, potentially devastating, however, it's just another hurdle we will learn to clear.    I'm a firm believer that it is easier to deal and heal when you know what's going on.  I am an anxious mess, and at least, once we know, we'll know, no more guessing games.  Unless everything comes back completely normal, I will be baffled, and we'll most likely move back to all things Neurological and Palsy related.   Let the good times roll!  

       Tomorrow-  Yay!  Tomorrow is moving day, and nothing is packed.  You cannot understand the joy I have, knowing, I have procrastinated to the point of having 24 hours to pack. Which is technically 9 hours since I have to be at work at 9 p.m.   Kill me now with expresso shots!   

        I am to the point of throwing it ALL in garbage bags, then, throwing it ALL in the garbage.       
                    Anyone want to help, feel free to pull a dumpster right up to my front door.   

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Belated St. Patty's now give me some Coffee.

                                 Happy Belated St.Patty's Day everyone!

       Thank God, my ulcer started acting up after one Amaretto Sour last night and I wasn't able to consume much because Zachary, in all his cuteness, decided to tell us very loudly, that it was time for us to leave the bar and pick him up.   As it turns out, he was not cool with spending the night with Granny and Papa.  So Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi HO, off to home we goed.....  Shut up, I know.    

        However, I like to think my mini-me was just looking out for my best interest, because, today, I have no hangover whatsoever.   Small price to pay for our midnight drive past a gazillion cops on the way home.

         This is the week of a million things to do.  No exaggeration.   Today is Sunday, the calm before the storm.  Tomorrow is Monday, Zachary has physical therapy, which Tom agreed to take him.  I get a whole hour home ALONE for the first time in 9 months!  I win, except, I don't.  I realized Tom is just sneaky, because I have to pack tomorrow, because we're moving, in oh, about 5 days.  And the only things packed are a few of Zachary's toys.  You know, just, ALL, of the noisy ones.  Ha!  I did win, a little bit.

         Then there's Tuesday, the day I have been dreading for weeks, Genetics Testing day.  So hopefully after a few more weeks of probably not sleeping, the way I've been not sleeping for the last three weeks, we'll hear some sort of good news on the front of Genetics.   And move on to the land of M.R.I's.

          Wednesday, more packing, quick packing, frantic packing, just get it all fricken packed packing.  "How is it this baby has more stuffs than we do?!!???!?!??     What? What's that, I don't know, do you?  Just throw it in a trash bag, we'll go through it at the new place."   I'm just foreboding here, but, this whole paragraph is most likely really going to happen.

          Thursday,  Zachary has more shots and a well baby check.  Where I will ask about buying a magical cream to split baby's skin around his penickle so he can be, well, circumcised again.  To which his pediatrician will look at me like I'm crazy, because she always does.    I like to think of it as our special relationship.   I think she really likes me.   Definitely, mother doctor fighting is completely healthy.        :)

           Friday,  bring on the trucks and trailers and hands, I will buy you pizza, no you cannot pick the toppings, it will be peperoni, but I'll give you peperoni pizza and Pepsi if you come help us move stuffs to our new home.......       

             And this is my upcoming week.  It is still probably more tame than most others normal weeks, and for that, I salute you mommy's!     Send some of your sanity my way.  I'm sure to need it around Wednesday, maybe some crack as well.    Totally kidding on the crack, but I also accept Iced Mocha coffees with three cubes of ice.  It has to be three.  

It is always important to place your child into a safe receptacle during a move.
And then pack yourself, with a kitten, and a bottle of wine. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Precious Hands, not so precious.......

Around Thanksgiving, I was given the gift of a Precious Hands kit.....

   Yesterday, I decided, maybe it was time to give that bad boy a whirl...   So I got everything ready as per instructed, whipped up all the batters, and ran from my kitchen to impress my little boys hand into the 3D gel, literally ran, because they tell you, per the instructions that you have approximately 1-1 and a half minutes before the gel sets.

    So off I ran.

    First,  we tried the hands.   "OOOooooOoOoooh, I'm 9 months old, what is all this squishy stuffs!  I wanna put it in my HAIR!!!!"  Then the other hand "OOOOoOoOoOOOOoh, more squishy stuff, I think it goes in my ear!!!!!!"    Then the right foot, " It's time to dance, giggle,giggle,giggle, stomp!".   To which I responded like any reasonably calm adult in said situation...  "ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!"

    Fast forward through bathing a baby shellacked in gel, combing, yes combing, hardened goo gel out of my living room carpet, I am now left with no imprint, no fond memory, just a plaster heart.  Ultimately, I'm going to ink my kid, stick his feet on the heart, and go about my day.

    The other alternative on the instructions, wait until your child is asleep and then stick his limbs in the goo.  Because, you know, that wouldn't wake anybody up.  Seriously, that is the LAST time I am buying something, anything, promoted towards kids by someone that most likely has no kids. 

    Fun times. 

                        Thank you for the memories Precious Hands. Really.  It was wonderful.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Geneticists, Opthalmologists, and M.R.I.'s........ Oh my!

 Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho, 
    Off to all different types of doctors we go....  

    To hear something is "wrong" with your child, is to this day the hardest thing I have ever had to bear.  The only thing that makes it worse as well as possibly better, is the fact that we don't know what it is or isn't.   

    At 10 days shy of 9 months, my beautiful boy, cannot roll, sit up, or crawl.He has incredibly low muscle tone.  He is the light of my life. The thoughts of what if and what is it, have been keeping me awake at night. He just smiles up at me through it all. If he can see that I've been crying he touches my face and snuggles into me.  Everything swirls in my head.  Am I able to take care of a special child?  How do I save him from the hurt of this world? What will he grow up to be?  

    The answers come to me just as swiftly.  I would go to the end of the Earth for my son.  If someone ever hurt him, it would take everything in my power not to hurt them.  Who knows what he'll grow up to be, but I have faith in my tiny boy.  We are a family of survival, we will endure.  He will be okay.

        Mommy loves you, through to my last breath, Zachary.