Ducky Diaries: January 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

While the baby sleeps...

     It has been a good few months since I decided I needed an outlet and this would be said outlet. Life has been extremely busy and not so much in a good way.   

     That being said, how do we do it?  How do we balance a household with a seven and a half month old, both parents working outside the home, and school.  Not to mention how do we keep the spark in our relationship from going out (which it has, so if you have an answer, please enlighten me). 

     I've searched blogs, read my Cosmo (while at work mind you), tried to dress a little sexier (How do you sex up a maternity top, because you haven't had time or money to shop for clothes?) ,  attempted to spend some time alone together....  It's not working.  So again I ask, where is that balance of being mommy and daddy but also being a couple? 

    Could it be that having a child dooms you to literally forget what it was like to go on a date, or even get through dinner without sneezed mashed pea's on your blouse?  Is there a way to get back to the pre-baby days of dating each other.   Add that question to the other question of "is it possible to spend time together when we have a baby and we work opposite schedules and lack a child care provider?".    I wish I had the answer or that someone, anyone, would give me the answer, but that probably won't happen and I'll seek it out for myself.  Maybe it will be as simple as putting an apron on Tom and having him play mom for a day while I make a long needed appointment to treat myself to some new sexy mom appropriate duds.

   However, this is Rubber Ducky Mom signing off, before baby Z wakes up from his nap.  Who knows, maybe I'll find the time to post another blog before another couple of months rolls by.   :) 

  -Picture above an outing celebrating our engagement.  As you can see, being cut off from adults for the last seven and a half months, has, physically impaired our ability to act maturely.