Ducky Diaries

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The busiest little week

The 1st official weekend of summer vacation is in the books! Things are going  smoothly. I've only yelled twice so far.... My neighbor's don't think I'm psychotic yet, I cracked and turned the AC on....

So I mean, doing some quick maths here...

 We're making pretty good time in this race.

The babies are currently playing in a puddle of mud created by a $4 sprinkler while I write this. I was really banking on the sprinkler water acting as a shower and saving myself some time tonight... But thanks to the mud bath they are at this very moment enjoying.... I see how I've screwed myself.

Plus side, they're happy and I am getting peace. Win? I'm not sure yet. I'll call it a temporary win. LOL

This past weekend has been a whirlwind. We've had a Pre-K graduation, multiple baptisms (spoiler alert it was us), water fun and a birthday.

I know.... Can you believe it? Zo. She is 5! I mean where did the time go? She woke me up yesterday with a smack to the face shouting "It's my birthday! Wake up mom!"

I've decided that when she has moved out or even well into her teen year's I shall return the sentiment on my birthday.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

School's out fo summa!

Summer vacay day 1..... 

Clearly..... Breaking out the big guns too prematurely.... 
That's an amateur move right? Or is it? 
I don't even know. 
*Shrugs with mild confidence*

Let's get this party started. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hewooooooo , HewwwoooOoOoOoOOOOooo Anybody there.

Well, hello hello party people.  How are you? I am fine? What's keeping you sane today? Me? Oh you know.... The fact that we have 10 days of school left!!! YES 10 AS IN T-E-N DAYS LEFT!

Maybe having your kids roaming free through your household strikes fear into your heart.... As it should. However I am choosing to look on the bright side here. No alarms!!!! For 3 months! Well except for church because there is no way we would ever make it there on time without the multiple shrill tones I set my phone and old school radio alarm clock to screech at me. It takes a lot of work to get this train moving. It's true.

So... How have you been? It's been a while since we've visited. Since I've clacked my nails against the keys of my old typing board here. And the last time was a pretty depressing topic. Which is never fun to write or post, to pour your heart out and expose yourself or your feelings but sometimes it's necessary. Life isn't all laughs and jokes. It's depression, care-giver burnout, parental exhaustion, anxiety, panic, relationship bumps in the road. In short, it's messy.

I appreciate you all for staying with me the past 7 years. For hanging out and watching my family grow. For being a part of our family in many ways, experiencing what I write as if it were happening to your own children, or in your life.

I do promise to try to get back to the funny. To be more consistent. To come back to my passion which is making people laugh and feel, through my words. Life has been tough, and maybe it has been for you too, if that's the case I'm sorry, but let's get back to laughing together.

Also- I got to dress my kid's up as old people a few weeks ago and the result made me really insanely happy.... So here let me share it with you.

sidenote- Can you even believe they are about to be 5 and 7!?!?!?! Me either. I swear my vagina still hasn't gotten over the trauma.

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